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"tvCompass," Ed Zylka


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"tvCompass," Ed Zylka

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"tvCompass," Ed Zylka

  1. 1. The Consumer Experience Connected Interactive Program Guide Content Discovery Guidance Navigation & Control Social Remote DVR Catch-Up TV 1
  2. 2. Majority of Viewers Sit Down to Watch TV Without a Specific Destination Source: Lieberman, Comcast 2007 2
  3. 3. TV Viewers are Driven to their IPGs IPGs Are a Sticky Application Source: Lieberman, Comcast 2007 3
  4. 4. User Comments “Second Screen” IPG Focused Analysis TV Guide listing on the second screen is cool. I can watch one show while finding content on the second screen. You can even browse the listings while the TV is turned off. Why block those viewing the TV while you peruse to find something else? Or browse away from the prying eyes of your family or spouse for that "better" thing that's sure to be out there. I immediately setup a TV 'lineup' with only the channels I watch in it. It is so cool when you're watching a movie you can go online and read about it. How amazing is this? You can see the channel lineup for what's on, even has little logos for the stations. you can personalize a "mini guide" for each user and list their favorite channels for easy accessibility. 4
  5. 5. Device Extensible Client/Server Solution - TV 2.0 “Middleware” Advanced Interactive Program Guide (IPG) Solution 5
  6. 6. tvMobile™ Advanced IPG Connected Home Services & Monetization Models A white label service developed & operated by tvCompass for the BBC $ $ $ Soft Remote Application Branded Viewer Generate Revenue Integrated Home Control App Measurement Through Data Licensing Advertising eCommerce Affiliation 6
  7. 7. tvMobile Advanced IPG Mobile “Microportal” for TV Search, Guidance & Navigation Analytics, Sync to TV, Viewer Interactive TV Measurement Companion Screen Navigate Search Plug-in for Addressable, Social Plug-in Custom Guide Targeted Networking, for Metadata for Advertising LBS, Other Location, PPV, VOD; Contextual Linear & Guidance Search,Local & Non-linear Content Contextual Shopping 7
  8. 8. HomeVUE, IP to IR Bridge Solution Whole Home Digital Control tvMobile Smart Phone Applicable Patents IPG Client Application US 5,410,326 US 6,130,726 EP1269444 B1 US 61/210896 pending Innovative Auto-pairing Solution Eliminates User Setup of WiFi Security! IP-RF Transceiver BRIDGE FEATURES: • Low cost gateway solution • A/V control plus Zwave HAN 10BaseT IP-RF Translator gateway • Zero WiFi Security Set Up • Icon Tuning Through Guide • Soft Remote App • Battery Operated • Multi-room Control • White Label Software & Device Options • Flexible RF Home Control Options 8
  9. 9. Home Control & Greentech Platform OEM Offering A Cost Effective & Open Eco-System for The Digital Home HomeVUE, IP to IR Bridge Convenience Smart Phone Whole Home Control OEM Reference Design Smartphone Application & UI Development Framework Security TVC “Middleware” Safety Comfort Partnerships Open Eco-system Interoperability Simplified Wireless Architecture Ubiquitous Devices Intuitive UI & Open Platform 9