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Martha Rosler


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Martha Rosler

  1. 1. Martha RosleR The Bowery in Two inadequaTe descripTive sysTems, 1974-5
  2. 2. bio
  3. 3. Martha roSLEr Born and lives in Brooklyn, new york (afTer spending The 1970s in california) she works in: video phoTo-TexT insTallaTion sculpTure performance and wriTes on aspecTs of culTure
  4. 4. objEctivE
  5. 5. hiStory of thE bowEry Bowery Bum of The monTh daTe Taken: march 1948 phoTographer: w eugene smiTh
  6. 6. EvEryday LifE and thE pubLic SphErE
  7. 7. MEthodS
  8. 8. docuMEntary MatEriaL sequence of Black-and-whiTe phoTographs Taken in The Bowery
  9. 9. dEScriptivE SyStEMS phoTo TexT
  10. 10. Exhibition