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The 7Ps Canvas


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The 7Ps Canvas is a visual, practical and effective tool to plan meetings, workshops or any other kind of event.
Inspired by the 7Ps Framework from James Macanufo, it will help you during meeting preparation by ensuring you have addressed the main facets (check-list principle).

Published in: Leadership & Management
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The 7Ps Canvas

  1. 1. Rev3 PURPOSE PARTICIPANTS PROCESS PRODUCT PREPARATION PITFALLS PRACTICAL The$7Ps$Canvas,$by$Romain$Vignes$[@rvignes]$9$Inspired$by$the$7Ps$Framework$from$James$Macanufo. CreaGve$Commons$AIribuGon9ShareAlike$License Why(are(we(having(this(mee2ng? Who(needs(to(be(there,(
 and(what(role(will(they(play? What(agenda(will(these(people(use(to(create(the(product? What(specific(ar2fact(will(we(produce( out(of(the(mee2ng?(What(will(it(do,(and( how(will(it(support(the(purpose? What(would(be(useful(to(do(in(advance? What(are(the(risks(in(this(mee2ng,( and(how(will(we(address(them? What(are(the(logis2cs(of(the( mee2ng((where(and(when)?