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Year 9 information evening pp


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Year 9 information evening pp

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Year 9 information evening pp

  1. 1. Welcome Aspiration Respect Endeavour
  2. 2. Mrs Jenner Head of School
  3. 3. Helping your child make the best of Year 9 October 2017
  4. 4. Key People • Miss Reed – Year Progress Leader • Mr Mammen – Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum and Progress) • Mr Cheema – Deputy Headteacher (Behaviour and Safety) • Mr Vermaak – Assistant Headteacher (Raising Standards Leader)
  5. 5. New Curriculum • Grades 9 – 1 GCSE no more A* - G • Reformed GCSEs – increased challenge, no coursework, SPAG focus • Reformed A levels - harder, no coursework, SPAG
  6. 6. Mr Mammen Deputy Headteacher – Curriculum & Progress
  7. 7. CORE Maths English Science Humanities and/or a Foreign Language Computer Science PE (non GCSE) Triple Science MFL compulsory EBacc Encouraged to study EBacc Additional Maths, English & Science if appropriate Two different PATHWAYS
  8. 8. • RED A – Triple Scientists – Nationally ‘top’ 25% • RED B – More capable of ‘Traditional’ EBac route through education – enabling future choices • GREEN A – Opportunity to achieve the EBac but with recognition of different learning styles • GREEN B – Increased opportunity to achieve good GCSE grades in Maths, English and Science Which pathway is suitable for each student?
  9. 9. Things to consider………………  What subjects does your child enjoy?  What subjects are they doing well in?  How do they like to learn?  What do they want to be when they are older?  If my child is given one of their reserve choices, does it all still work?  What do my child’s teachers think?  What do my parents/guardians think?
  10. 10. What is it? • Online resource to set home work • Parents and students can view their h/w • Parents and students know when h/w is due in • Push notifications are sent through the free app
  11. 11. • SMHW
  12. 12. How much Homework? • Students are set two or three pieces of homework per night. • They should spend approximately 1 – 2 hours (40-60 minutes per subject)
  13. 13. Mr Vermaak Assistant Headteacher – Raising Standards Leader
  14. 14. Changes to Assessment and Reporting
  15. 15. Why Change The new National Curriculum has a greater focus on knowledge development, along with the opportunity to study the ‘big ideas’ of a subject in greater depth. Another key change is the removal of assessment levels at KS2
  16. 16. Why no Levels Levels became a label. Undue pace rather than embedding deep understanding of key concepts. Levels mean different things – In some instances they are marks on a test, or APP work best matched a descriptor Successful nations don’t use them – Nations with successful educational systems believe that children are capable of anything because of the effort they put in…not because they are level 4, 5 etc.
  17. 17. 1. Is focused on developing the key concepts, knowledge and skills needed for success in KS4 2. Is based on high expectations and challenge for all 3. Uses regular assessment and feedback which gives all students the chance to develop a secure understanding of the key ideas 4. Incorporates high quality end of topic assessments which help students develop the skills needed to tackle GCSE examination questions. 5. Data from assessments reliably identifies what students have/have not understood and informs future teaching and learning. Roding Approach
  18. 18. G9 G8A G8B G8C G7A G7B G7C G6A G6B G6C G5A KS2 G5B 117 G5C 115 G4A 113 G4B 110 G4C 108 G3A 106 G3B 103 G3C 100 G2A 95 G2B 90 G2C 85 G1A 80 G1B G1C Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Spring Summer Autumn Roding Valley Flight Path Spring SummerSpring Summer Autumn Spring Summer AutumnSpringBaseline Autumn Summer Autumn
  19. 19. Parent Report
  20. 20. Progress towards Y11 Target Descriptors Mastered I have mastered all the skills required at this stage of the curriculum and will most likely exceed my target grade in the end of year 11 exams Secure I am secure in all the skills required at this stage of the curriculum and am on track to reach my target grade in the end of year 11 exams Insecure I am insecure in the skills required at this stage of the curriculum. I am not on track to meet my target grade in the end of year 11 exams. I need to take greater responsibility to seek specific support and guidance from my teacher to improve. Concern My progress is cause for concern. This will lead to me significantly underperforming in my end of year 11 exams.
  21. 21. Attitude to Learning Descriptors Outstanding I am highly motivated and able to work effectively in a wide variety of situations. I take responsibility for my own learning, often doing more than is expected . Good I am usually well motivated and able to work effectively with support and guidance in a wide variety of situations. I generally do what is expected of me. I am doing everything I can to try and achieve or exceed my target grade. Requires Improvement I am not highly motivated and need considerable support and guidance in order to work effectively. I do less than what is expected of me and as a result, I am not likely to achieve my target grade Concern I am not motivated and need considerable teacher input and control in order to work effectively. As a result, I am unlikely to achieve my target grades. I can be disruptive to the learning of others.
  22. 22. G6 + 106 99 110 96 MathematicsJack Jones
  23. 23. Why no Attitude to Learning for Homework?
  24. 24. All Reports home via MYEd?
  25. 25. Mr Cheema Deputy Headteacher – Behaviour & Safety
  26. 26. Rewards At Roding Valley High School we will praise, reward and celebrate the achievements and efforts of those students that work hard and follow the schools expectations. There is an extensive range of rewards where students will be rewarded for high levels of attainment and effort in all subject areas. ‘Aspiration Respect Endeavour’
  27. 27. Positive Action for Learning (PAL) The RVHS Positive Action for Learning (PAL) policy provides a clear and systematic approach to managing the standards of behaviour expected of the students. All staff will strive to implement this on a consistent basis and always take ownership of the issue with support from the Head of Faculty, Year Progress Leader or Senior Leadership Team. ‘Aspiration Respect Endeavour’
  28. 28. Positive Action for Learning (PAL) • PAL 1 The student is warned by the classroom teacher and has the opportunity to correct their behaviour within the classroom. • PAL 2 To help an individual focus back on their learning they will be moved to another seat within the classroom. • PAL 3 In order for the individual to continue to work productively and minimise the disruption to learning of other students the student will be removed to another classroom located within the faculty. ‘Aspiration Respect Endeavour’
  29. 29. Designated Lead: Kulvinder Cheema Deputies: – Sam Dyer – Jeanette Low – Sam King Or contact a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Safe Guarding
  30. 30. • On-line security • Potential risk • Cyber crime • Cyber bullying • Sexting • Accessing inappropriate materials • Location • Safety and security • Learning tool • Social Media • Stay in touch, family and friendships • Tickets • Shopping • Location Mobile Phone? Smart phone is a powerful computer, their virtual world
  31. 31. What are young people worried about? • 10-11 year olds are overwhelmingly worried about cyberbullying even though the extent of cyberbullying in their age group is considerably lower than among the 14 -15 year olds. • The older group worry about being hacked and having personal details stolen, they worry increasingly about viruses and fraud or fake goods as they get older. • Many have vague, unexplained fears about ‘people’ or paedophiles or strangers.
  32. 32. Sexting There are a number of definitions but generally • Images or videos generated • by children under the age of 18 or • Of children under the age of 18 that are of a sexual nature or indecent These images are shared between young people and / or adults via a mobile phone, handheld device or website.
  33. 33. • Take an indecent photograph or allow an indecent photograph to be taken • Make an indecent photograph (including downloading or opening an image via email) • Distribute or show such an image • Possess with the intention of distributing images • Advertise and • Possess such images Sexting
  34. 34. • Take an indecent photograph or allow an indecent photograph to be taken • Make an indecent photograph (including downloading or opening an image via email) • Distribute or show such an image • Possess with the intention of distributing images • Advertise and possess such images. Sexting – it is a crime to……
  35. 35. Other areas of support CEOP - Child net Digital Leaders Programme - Anti-bullying Alliance - The Big Award - Kidscape - Diana, Anti-bullying Ambassadors - bullying/ Bullying UK -
  36. 36. Thank you • The vast majority of students are with us. • We wish to praise and reward your children. • We look forward to working with you over the next two years to achieve the best outcomes and next steps for your child. ‘Aspiration Respect Endeavour’
  37. 37. • Do not underestimate the power of parental influence, particularly when this is in partnership with the school • Believe in your child’s potential, encourage them and make sure they are as prepared as they can be.
  38. 38. End word • Ask your son or daughter what they are doing in their subjects. • Don’t accept the usual response.