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Year 12 parent info evening presentation 2017


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Year 12 parent info evening presentation 2017

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Year 12 parent info evening presentation 2017

  1. 1. Welcome Aspiration Respect Endeavour
  2. 2. Mrs Jenner Head of School
  3. 3. Helping your child make the best start to their A-level courses Year 12 September 2017
  4. 4. Key People • Mr Harris Raising Standards Leader, 6th Form • Mr Mammen Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum & Progress) • Mr Cheema Deputy Headteacher (Behaviour and Safety) • Ms Sellears Admin Assistant
  5. 5. The Reality • Independent study, at school & home • Tense time • Pressure • Students • Parents
  6. 6. • Identify ways in which parents can support their children • Look at the structure of A-levels and what they mean • Identify what parents should do if there are concerns about the progress of their children • Analyse some simple techniques to improve the chances of examination success • Look at what options are open to students ‘post A-level’s Start of A-level courses
  7. 7. Roding Valley High School • An Academic Sixth Form – Competitive entry level requirements • Year 12 is full based on our curriculum model – Taught by teachers that know you – Consistency and continuity of education
  8. 8. Mr Mammen Deputy Headteacher – Curriculum & Progress
  9. 9. • Attitude to Learning (ATLs) - collected w/c 25th September. Reporting to parents soon after. • Year 12 Exams w/c 11th December. Reports out prior to Parents Evening on 23rd Jan • Year 12 Pre Public Exams w/c 21st March. Reports to parents soon after. The Reporting Cycle
  10. 10. How much Homework? 5 hours per A-level per week at the very least.
  11. 11. What is it? • Online resource to set homework • Parents and students can view their h/w • Parents and students know when h/w is due in • Push notifications are sent through the free app
  12. 12. • SMHW
  13. 13. A-level results & destinations
  14. 14. ▪ Roding Valley Sixth Form celebrates its first A level results, with an incredible 98% pass rate. ▪ This is a great achievement for our first cohort through, with 33% of all grades achieved at A*-B grades. ▪ This clearly shows that our sixth form provision is very good indeed. An outstanding 93% of our Year 13s had applied for university and the majority of the students achieved their first choice university. ▪ We have had some individual outstanding performances from some excellent students. Of those going on to university: ▪ Olivia Tinker achieved A*A*A plus A in the Extended Project Qualification (Cambridge University to read History), Sophie Humphries (Durham University to read Economics), Hannah Smith (Durham University to read Anthropology), Natasha McVey (Nottingham University to read Veterinary).
  15. 15. ▪ It is both reassuring and rewarding to know that all of our students are now destined to continue their education either at well-respected universities or entering the field of work. ▪ Success of the students was down to the hard work and determination of the students, and the strong support of parents, leaders, teachers and tutors. We have created a real family atmosphere in the sixth form centre where staff know every student well and can support their progress. ▪ We wish Year 13 all the best for the future and we now look welcoming you all as new Year 12’s.
  16. 16. Mr Harris Raising Standards Leader Post 16
  17. 17. The role of the form tutor • As with lower school the tutor continues to be pivotal. • With on average 14 students per form. • This allows for focussed tutor tracking and mentoring. ‘Aspiration Respect Endeavour’
  18. 18. The form tutors • 12Q - Mr Chowdury • 12R - Mr Hussein • 12S - Mrs Lasfer/ Mrs Bove • 12T - Ms O’Callaghan • 12U - Mr Savage Tutors are the daily point of contact to ensure students are on-time, and supported through the mentoring programme. ‘Aspiration Respect Endeavour’
  19. 19. Student success • Tutors and parents are key to students success, checking weekly on organisation • In school, we support Independent study and monitor student progress.
  20. 20. Attendance The target for student attendance in the Sixth Form is 100%. Please support the tutors by ensuring students are on time and ready to start each day. ‘Aspiration Respect Endeavour’
  21. 21. Parental input • Do not underestimate the power of parental influence, particularly when this is in partnership with the school. • Believe in your child’s potential, encourage them and make sure they are as prepared as they can be. ‘Aspiration Respect Endeavour’
  22. 22. Independent study - in school ● Year 12 - in the Sixth Form study room. ● Year 13 - in the Library. ● Both the spaces are supervised to support silent work. Work smart Consolidation/ recapping learning Making the minutes matter
  23. 23. Independent study - at home ● Year 12 should be working on FIVE hours homework per week per A- level at the very least. ● Homework should be of a consistently high standard. Working smart at home Rewriting content/ revisiting prior learning Reading more than just the set text
  24. 24. Roding Valley “We are more than just A-levels” See the parental bulletin for opportunities.
  25. 25. Practical support learning • Sixth Form Student Pack to support learning. • A copy of your child’s timetable. ‘Aspiration Respect Endeavour’
  26. 26. Key dates • Thursday 12th October Year 12 Parents evening (Concerns only). • Monday 11th December Year 12/ 13 Exam week. • Friday 13th October Year 12 Team Building event, (See ParentPay). • Tuesday 23rd January Year 12/ 13 Parents evening. ‘Aspiration Respect Endeavour’
  27. 27. Thank you We look forward to working with you over the next two years to achieve the best outcomes and next steps for your child. ‘Aspiration Respect Endeavour’
  28. 28. Wait behind if you have any questions