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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. What does Teachingand Learning look likeat Roding Valley HighSchool ?NQT / New Staff
  2. 2. The Learning Puzzle- we have all the elements we just needto bring them all together to raise the standard of T&LAfL ZfL DfLContinue coaching, extend to collaborative coachingand planning, focus groupsT&L @RVHS 2012/13
  3. 3. RVHSTL BlogPlease can I invite you to take a look at the Teaching andLearning Blog.....The blog can be accessed from the ‘Teaching and Learning’ page of the school website or by following thelink:
  4. 4. Differentiation for LearningThe lesson is planned with a keen awareness(astutely) of pupils prior knowledge, skills andunderstanding, leading to appropriately challengingtasksThe teacher uses AFL to anticipate where they mayneed to intervene and do it with notable impact onthe quality of learningDifferentation
  5. 5. Assessment for LearningTeacher systematically and effectivelychecks pupils’ understanding *throughout lessons, with effective AFL*Prior knowledge is ascertained by systematicand accurate assessmentAssessment
  6. 6. Zest for LearningWell-judged and often inspirational teachingstrategies that ensure rapid progress andgenerate high levels of engagement andcommitment.Ensures a rapid pace of learningEnsures opportunities to successfully developcrucial skills, including literacy and numeracyZEST
  7. 7. Uses appropriate and regular home learningto ensure that pupils learn exceptionally wellin the subjectFollows Home Learning Timetables for Year 7and Year 8Home Learning
  8. 8. Consistently high quality marking andconstructive feedback from the teacherensures that the students make rapidprogressMarking
  9. 9. Just a few ideas…Seating plansDataCreative resources, promote independenceUse a web cam/ visualiser to promote progressStudent plannersQ&A – explore Pose, Pause, Pounce, BounceGreen pens for peer markingCan you plan a Roding ValleyOutstanding Lesson?