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Staff presentation what is nten meeting


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Staff presentation what is nten meeting

  1. 1. A partnership of schools & colleges developing world class professional development and research
  2. 2. NTENNational Teacher Enquiry Network We recognise that the best way we can help you improve your teaching is not by telling you what to do but by letting you collaborate with others to build ideas in to your practice. Build on DAZ group and collaborative coaching model.
  3. 3. NTENNational Teacher Enquiry Network We have joined the National Teacher Enquiry Network to help us develop our approach to collaborative professional development.
  4. 4. NTENNational Teacher Enquiry Network We will go through a self- audit process to discover how our approach to CPD compares to other schools nationally. We’ll ask you to fill in a survey to gather your views – please be honest. The survey is online and should only take you 15mins.
  5. 5. NTENNational Teacher Enquiry Network The network gives us links to a growing number of schools and colleges both locally and around the country who are also striving to improve their approach to professional development. Conferences and courses available.
  6. 6. NTENNational Teacher Enquiry Network We will also be slowly introducing NTEN Lesson Study, a model of collaborative CPD where a group of you plan lessons together, observe each other and reflect on learners’ progress alongside a mentor. We will start with DAZ volunteers to learn how to make this work here.
  7. 7. Lesson StudyNTENNational Teacher Enquiry Network 1. Plan • Plan a lesson together. • Address each activity to your enquiry question and predict how pupils will react and how you will assess this. • Pick 3 case pupils. 3. Reflect & Plan • As soon after the lesson as possible, reflect how each activity elicited the sought- after change. Were your predictions correct? Why? 2. Observe • Teach the lesson with your colleagues observing. • Pay particular attention to the case pupils. • Conduct any assessments and/or interviews during & after.
  8. 8. Lesson StudyNTENNational Teacher Enquiry Network “[There is huge] impact in working alongside in a lesson rather than at the back with a clipboard” “Professional conversations were really enhanced” “The pedagogical discussions we’re having around the staffroom simply wouldn’t have happened before” Quotes from the pilot
  9. 9. NTENNational Teacher Enquiry Network Find out more: DAZ Breakfast Meeting to be held in June (post Yr 11) Plan to launch lesson study in 2 waves Sept-Jan 2015, then Feb-July 2015 24 teachers can be involved. Allocate T&L time to the study.
  10. 10. NTENNational Teacher Enquiry Network All staff will receive a half- termly NTEN Update email with news, research, and case studies. You can also follow us on Twitter @NTENetwork
  11. 11. NTENNational Teacher Enquiry Network We will also be able to represent your opinions on teacher development as the Network is in regular contact with policy makers and ministers.
  12. 12. CPD Quality Peer Audit A peer-audit against our CPD Quality Framework with Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for excellent practice & policies. Peer-to-peer support Connect with like-minded schools to observe and develop outstanding practice. Support for R&D + closing the gap Engage in both small and large-scale research, access evidence, implement quality evaluations and interventions. Lesson Study Comprehensive tools and support to implement a world-leading system of Joint Practice Development. National & Local Conferences Share latest practice and learn from experts at our six national conferences and local member events. A powerful voice Have your views around staff development represented at the highest levels. NTENNational Teacher Enquiry Network