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Inset post ofsted april 2013


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Inset post ofsted april 2013

  1. 1. Teaching and Learning atRoding Valley High School is GOOD Next steps... OUTSTANDING
  2. 2. Teaching & Learning - Grading Outstanding Good Requires improvement Inadequate 0% 4% Ofsted 20% 18% 76 % 2013 Good or better 58% lessonsContinue to use coaching to improve andsupport teaching
  3. 3.  Active Learning (where seen) Effective AFL – Web cams/ visualizers Use of whiteboards Group activities Student led activities Literacy and numeracy where seen Differentiation/ Challenge evident Marking used to accelerate progress- consistent and standardised approach Clear evidence of self and peer marking green penWhat was good
  4. 4.  Most lessons feature good learning with a significant minority that are outstanding. Most lessons are planned well and challenge and enthuse the students. Recent significant improvements in marking and assessment procedures contribute well to improved progress over time. Students are now provided with better and clearer information about their work and what they need to do to improve. Please read ‘Effective Feedback’ collated by NCH posted on the school blog- sharing of good practice journal/What was good
  5. 5.  To improve our literacy marking using whole school protocol To make our marking smarter – Planning for marking = Max impact on progress vs. min time takenTo ensure that students are actually using our feedback to make progress ‘Closing the gap’ feedback-count-close-the-gap/What to improve..
  6. 6.  Share good ideas, video feedback, diagnostic marking, audio feedback, literacy How are other departments coping ? Extended writing across the curriculum Active LearningWhat to improve…..
  7. 7.  Satisfactory is replaced by ‘Requires Improvement’ DAZ – is the Roding Valley way, what are we looking for in our lessons to make them outstanding- new draft criteria Can we improve it? your comments pleaseNew Lesson Obs. Criteria.....
  8. 8.  All presentations can be found on the school blog- Please have a look Blog can be accessed via the school website from Teaching and Learning tab Follow us @RVHSTL Next T&L Inset ZEST will be Tuesday 21st May ◦ Will run like a Teach MeetDAZ update…………….