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Exam board info


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Exam board info for courses taught at Roding Valley High School, Loughton, Essex

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  • I have found your program really helpful. It is so easy to understand. It makes far more sense than school teachers ever did. I desperately need a 'C' grade and with your package, I am bang on this pass rate. With a bit more revision, it will be a comfortable pass. Thanks Jeevan! 
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Exam board info

  1. 1. Faculty Subject Exam board resources MFL pmelvin@rodingvalley.n et French Spanish AQA Helpful online tools- Apps; Memrise, Duolingo.Gojimo Websites; Doddle/Active Learn/BBC Bitesize ICT/Business/Media ohussain@rodingvalley.n et IT Business Media GCSE Business - Edexcel GCSE Comp Sci - Edexcel GCSE Media - AQA A level Business - Edexcel A level Economiocs - Edexcel A level CS - OCR A level Media - AQA Past exam questions as that would most closely reflect the real assessments, Prep Pies, flash cards, interactive learning/revision tools like Doddle, Seneca, Quizlet, ActiveLearn, EzyEconomics. Media website (, Emphasis on the past exam questions though. English lroutledge@rodingvalley. net English Literature English Language AQA AQA Use of various sites/apps to memorise quotes for exams. You tube for revision of specific questions and to watch different representations of literature texts to broaden understanding and perspective. h/ PiXLit app Memrize Quizlet Maths oedeko@rodingvalley.n et Maths Edexcel Mymaths Doodle, For KS4 and KS5 we also have the Pixl Maths App available on Android and Apple stores. Humanities tpreston@rodingvalley. net Government & Politics Edexcel Humanities tpreston@rodingvalley. net Sociology Psychology AQA Exam questions Google classroom for all resources and powerpoints Psychology revision apps such as ‘Gojimo’ Revision guides Humanities tpreston@rodingvalley. net Geography Google classroom and SENECA website.
  2. 2. Faculty Subject Exam board resources Creative Arts P.E Current: AQA Year 10: OCR Revision booklets provided by school under GCSE PE to find a number of sample papers and mark schemes. Creative Arts Drama Current: AQA Year 10: Educas Creative Arts Food Tech WJEC Can all be found via the exam board webpages. Creative Arts Music Edexcel Creative Arts Art Photography AQA AQA- Encourage students to research the work of artists on Pinterest and to get out and take their own photographs (they don’t like doing this but it’s REALLY important!) Write the exam dates on the family calendar Have a family day out to one of the free London galleries (Tate Britain, Tate Modern or the National Gallery are probably the greatest galleries in the world) There will be a final exhibition of student work on 13 June 2019. Science npoovilingham@roding> Science KS3 - AQA (Activate) KS4 - AQA (GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Physics, GCSE Combined Science and ELC) KS5 - AQA ( A Level Biology, A Level Chemistry and A Level Physics) BBC bitesize, Tassomai, Senca, Doddle, Google Classrooms for all KS4 and KS5 classes. Humanities tpreston@rodingvalley. net History Edexcel Practice questions for GCSE style questions Personal Learning Checklists Google classroom PowerPoint tasks Humanities tpreston@rodingvalley. net Philosophy & Ethics OCR Cue cards - make them and then test yourself. Mind Maps - topic focused. Practice questions. Personal Learning Checklist Google classroom PowerPoint tasks Revision Guides SEN department ASDAN ASDAN ASDAN module material