LinkedIn Publisher Toolkit - Summer 2013


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An overview of LinkedIn's publisher toolkit - covering LinkedIn Today/Channels, Pulse and SlideShare. More information on Publisher APIs/plugins available at

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LinkedIn Publisher Toolkit - Summer 2013

  1. 1. Publisher OfferingsLinkedIn Today, Pulse, SlideShareSummer 2013
  2. 2. “Why LinkedIn is a Sleeping Giant ofPublishing…”- Digiday 2/18/13“The trend among social networks to produceoriginal content often ends badly … other bigservices, from Facebook to YouTube, are goingwrong – or, in the case of LinkedIn, going right…”- paidContent 4/27/13
  3. 3. LinkedIn Content PropertiesLinkedIn Todaywith ChannelsSlideSharePulseThe news and insightsprofessionals need tobe more informedLeading news readerand mobile contentdistribution platformThe world‟s largestcommunity for sharingprofessional content1 23
  4. 4. Table of ContentsI. Overview of LinkedIn company and audienceII. Overview of LinkedIn content productsIII. LinkedIn Today / ChannelsIV. PulseV. SlideShareVI. Resources
  5. 5. ***19170M+Unique monthly visitorsLanguages11.1BPage views per month200CountriesUse LinkedIn 5X more todiscover professionalcontent and insights thanuse our job properties (2)Are 2X more likely totrust information fromLinkedIn than fromcompetitors (1)Follow companiesand publishers forprofessionalinsightsOur members:Connect your brand to our audienceWe’ve got the world’s largest network of high-quality, engaged professionals who cravecontent and insights225+ MILLIONREGISTERED MEMBERSSources: 1. LinkedIn Internal study – Audience 360; 2. LinkedIn internal data, September 2012
  6. 6. 6Identity & NetworkLeverage signals from members’identity, behavior and network topersonalize discovery+ContentProcure professional contentfrom the most relevant sourcesgloballyInsightsDeliver the right content at theright time to the right professionalsEverywhereAcross every device and platform that our members useVision: The Definitive Professional Publishing PlatformProfessionals contribute to the body of business knowledge viapublishing, commenting, curating and sharing
  7. 7. We want to be the definitive professional publishingplatform where professionals can:Updates, comments, presentationsInfluencers, Groups, news,Company PagesShare, like, comment
  8. 8. How Content Appears on all LinkedIn PropertiesAcross alldevices & platforms…Homepage News Module Today / Channels GroupsTop Headline EmailsPulseNetwork Update StreamProfile PagesCompany PagesSlideShare
  9. 9. LinkedIn Todaywith Channels9
  10. 10. Value to Publishers Increased content distribution Referral traffic Exposure and brand awareness amongst LinkedIn‟s high qualityaudience Access to unique data and insights via plugins and APIsLinkedIn offers content publishing partners a host of benefits
  11. 11. 11LinkedIn Today
  12. 12. The refreshed LinkedIn Today with Channels makesit easier for members toDiscover and Shareprofessional news and insights.Launched May 2013
  13. 13. Channels on LinkedIn Today• Broad topic areas cover multipleindustries and professional sectors• Surface LinkedIn Influencer contentand news articles from strategicpublishing partners shared via theInShare plugin, as well asSlideShare presentations• Follow a Channel  see updatesin the Homepage• Channels tab on new LinkedInToday page:
  14. 14. LinkedIn Share Tools - InShare plugin and Share API 2
  15. 15. Select publishers using LinkedIn Share
  16. 16. Sharing interface – desktop web (via InShare plugin)Article can beshared as astatus updateOr shareddirectly withconnectionsOr shared with agroup
  17. 17. Sharing interface – mobile web (via InShare plugin)
  18. 18. Sharing interface – mobile apps (via Share API)18Associated Press iPhone appTechCrunch iPad app
  19. 19. In October 2012, LinkedInwas the #1 high-qualitytraffic source for BusinessInsider, with longer visitduration than any other site.Julie HansenPresident/COO, Business InsiderExample: LinkedIn Share on Business Insider
  20. 20. 0100000200000300000400000500000600000700000800000900000Case Study: LinkedIn Share on Business InsiderSince adding the InShare button and the launch of LinkedInToday, LinkedIn referral traffic to Business Insider is up over50xReferral Visits from LinkedInto Business Insider
  21. 21. LinkedIn is driving traffic and engagement for publishersMike Rodov,Director of BDSeeking AlphaMG SieglerTechCrunch“LinkedIn users have veryhigh page views per visitcompared to our otherdistribution partners”“Yes, LinkedIn, theprofessional socialnetwork ... is now by farour 2nd biggest referrer ofsocial traffic.”Bruce Upbin, Managing Director, Forbes: "LinkedIn, man. Bigwet smack to you. You are a traffic driver par excellence."Andrew Lipsman, VP Industry Analytics, comScore: “the trendyou‟re honing in on, and that I see, too, is a lot more „InSharing‟ goingon now, which I think has to do with LinkedIn‟s effort to turn its networkinto less of a utility and more of a content site.”
  22. 22. LinkedIn is driving traffic and engagement for publishersIn October 2012, LinkedIn wasthe #1 high-quality trafficsource for BusinessInsider, with longer visitduration than any other source.Liz HeronEditor, Emerging MediaWall Street Journal“Since the launch of LinkedInToday, Mashable has seengrowth in both visitors andengagement from the LinkedIncommunity."“CNET has seen extraordinaryincreases in LinkedIn traffic --up to a tenfold increase! Andthese users visit our site morefrequently than our site avg."Meghan PetersCommunity ManagerMashableMark KaufmanFormer AVP Audience DevCNET“Traffic from LinkedIn to BBCNews jumps tenfoldin six months.”Sarah
  23. 23. LinkedIn Share drives high click-backs to publishers For every article a user "shares" with her network, LinkedIn drives an averageof 1.5 clicks back to the publisher. "That is better than the average acrossall of our networks, of about 1.1 clicks, and is about as effective asTwitter.” Greg Cypes – Director of Product, AddThis “Linkedin Share is disproportionately powerful given the size of the networkbecause "people care much more about what theyre sharing [on Linkedin],"Cypes says. You can share all kinds of random nonsense on Facebook andTwitter -- and no one cares, or remembers. On LinkedIn, however, your futurebosses and employees are watching. People think before they share.”Linkedins Share Button: Heres The Secret Behind Its Disproportionate Power In Social MediaSourceSource Social Media Smackdown: LinkedIn vs. Twitter Roughly speaking LinkedIn shares generate 4 – 5 x more traffic to articles than tweets, Facebook likes and Google +1s combined.
  24. 24. ANNOUNCING…Pulse
  25. 25. Worlds largest professional networkon the internetLeading news reader and mobilecontent distribution platformHelping you discover and shareprofessional knowledge fromanywhere, on any device
  26. 26. Elevating daily media consumption to fosterinformed discussion
  27. 27. • Join over 750 of the world‟s leading publishers andexpand your audience on Pulse. Our content catalogfeatures a diverse range of interestcategories, allowing users to easily discover yourcontent and publishers to grow their readership.• We‟re actively looking for partnerships with publishersof all sizes, so submit your site to Pulse nowHow Publishers Can Leverage Pulse
  28. 28. A company
  29. 29. 29
  30. 30. Leverage the power of two unique platformsDiscover people through content and content through people• Binding LinkedIn and SlideShare accountsunlocks distribution potential• (1) Alert your LinkedIn network when youupload and share content on SlideShare• (2) Add SlideShare content to yourLinkedIn profile12
  31. 31. CountriesResourcesShare button code for web and mobile: LinkedIn share into your app:1) Today / ChannelsPulseSlideShareSet up a Company Page to attract and engage followers: questions? E-mail or if youwould like more information about our API / plugin toolkitAdditional questions? E-mail if you do notfind the information you need in this documentAdditional questions? E-mail if you do notfind the information you need in this documentPublisher submission FAQ your site to Pulse hereSlideShare 101
  32. 32. Thank you!