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Emo Sfo 1 2010 Kool Chain


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EMO Trans San Francisco KoolChain offering: packaging and transporting perishable and temperature-sensitive products (PTSP).

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Emo Sfo 1 2010 Kool Chain

  1. 1. EMO Trans KoolChain Services Your international logistics provider for packaging and transporting perishable and temperature-sensitive products (PTSP). EMO Trans, Inc. San Francisco, California, USA Main: 650-697-0646
  2. 2. What is EMO Trans KoolChain? KoolChain is the cooler-to-cooler, multi-modal, multi-provider logistics process for packaging and transporting perishable and temperature-sensitive products (PTSP) at constant temperatures to ensure 100% quality, no spoilage and complete customer satisfaction. General Temperature Requirements Controlled room temperature: 15 to 25 °C Refrigerated conditions: 2 to 8 °C Freezer: -20 to -10 °C
  3. 3. Temperature Sensitive Freight: Transported to ensure products will be maintained within an acceptable temperature range. Temperature Excursion: When the stated required temperature of the KoolChain is either above or below the customer required range. Validation: A KoolChain must be analyzed, measured, controlled, documented, and validated.
  4. 4. KoolChain Trends, Issues & Concerns Key Trends Key Concerns & Issues  Global market integration  Potential spoilage and product loss  Variable product temperatures  Varying temperatures in KoolChain  Changing product requirements  Proper facilities and Hubs  Location of a shipment within the KoolChain and key handover  Unanticipated delays (weather, points: routings, flight cancellation, etc.)  Shipper  Forwarder  Improper packaging  Airline or Steamship line  Limited insurance coverage  Customs  Inability to re-ice in KoolChain  Ineffective packaging solutions  Storage and distribution  Disruption to normal supply chain
  5. 5. KoolChain Essentials • Cooler-to-Cooler temperature • Timely reporting (Track & Trace) control of products for shipments into Difficult Destinations (DD) • Knowledgeable & dedicated staff • Consistent Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) across entire • 24/7 Customer Service KoolChain • Shipment visibility • Exception management & • Quality control proactive communication • Innovative solutions • No damages, spoilage or • Routing expertise temperature deviations • Specialized Packaging
  6. 6. Temperature Packaging Palletized Cool Containers E1 / Unicooler Reefer Container Envirotainer - QEP Certified RAP t2
  7. 7. Services Benefits • 24/7 KoolChain network across • Cost-effective and highly major global hubs reliable transportation solutions • Reefer LTL, FTL, build up at major hubs, Envirotainer and • No product spoilage or loss non-Envirotainer solutions, • 24/7 availability of premier carriers and partners, experienced KoolChain worldwide cooler facilities professionals at major hubs • Temperature controlled • Pre-arrival notification of and services for refrigerated (2 - 8 coordination with consignee °C) as well as ambient products (2 - 25 °C) • Different routing and pricing options