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  1. 1. NATURE ACTIVITIES CAMPING AND PHYSICAL ACTIVIES IN THE NATURE STUDENT: Rebeca Velacoracho Tercero WORKSHEET PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES IN THE NATURE Organizing entity: Theme: Cultural-Languages-Nature. Language: French. Ages: 13-17 years. Maximum capacity: 170 young people. Place, county and region: Paris, Les Moulineaux (France). Dates to do the activities: French classes, excursions, visit to the Eiffel Tower, Orsay Museum, Notre Dame and Quartier Latin. Shopping, cruise and games. Where to do the enrolment and howto do it: I can select the payment method Bank transfer of credit cart, First Payment: I must pay a subscription fee at time of booking. Second payment: 30 days prior to arrival. Price to do the activity: The price is 780€. How long is it? This camp lasts a week. Describe the place where the activities are done: I can choose between staying in the residence of the camp or with a local family. Physical activities we can do there: I don’t know what physical activities will. Another interesting informations: Extras on request activities: Full day at Disneyland, all day Loire Valley Castles, all day at the amusement park Asterix.