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Unlifoods health&product


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Unlifoods health&product

  1. 1. Health & Product PresentationCopyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  2. 2. Why do we get sick?Copyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  3. 3. ACIDOSIS Today’s common but almost unheard and understood disease to everyone Acidosis expands to having several symptoms from arthritis and joint pains, muscular weakness, headache, obesity or overweight, osteoporosis, aging, frequent colds and infections , weakening of the immune system , allergies, among others.Copyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  4. 4. Normal Blood pH The normal pH of blood running through arteries (large elastic-walled blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to other parts of the body) is 7.4; the pH of blood in the veins (vessels that transports blood to the heart) is about 7.35. Normal urine pH averages about 6.0. Saliva has a pH between 6.0 and 7.4. - Guyton, Arthur C. Textbook of Medical Physiology, 8th ed., pp. 331, 340, 711. The closer your body pH to 7.35 – 7.41, the higher is your wellness level and ability to resists diseases. Deviation either below 7.35 or above 7.41, signals danger sings of symptoms.Copyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  5. 5. ACIDOSIS A very common but almost unheard and least understood disease to everyone A medical condition in which the acid-base balance in the blood plasma is disturbed in the direction of excess acidity, the pH falling below 7.35. 7.35Copyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  6. 6. ACIDOSIS • An acidic environment is “anaerobic” – lacking oxygen – which promotes the breeding of fungus, molds, bacteria and viruses. Microbes can’t survive in an oxygenated environment. • When your body cells and tissue are ACIDIC (below pH of 6.5 – 7.0), they lose their ability to exchange oxygen, and cancer cells are able to thrive. • Why there is no cancer of the heart? – It is because the heart is the organ of the body that doesn’t lacks oxygen, since it pumps the blood and large amount of body’s oxygen congregate at the heart.Copyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  7. 7. ACIDOSIS • In order for our body to overcome or compensate for over acidification, it creates “FAT” cells to store acids in order to carry it away from our vital organs. Leading to overweight or to obesity. • In an attempt to reclaim pH balance, our body will extract calcium from our teeth and bones. This will end up to developing osteoporosis. • Deficiency in ‘calcium ions’ will lead into leaving acids in our body and in our joints, leading to joint pain or arthritis.Copyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  8. 8. What causes Acidosis? Today’s diet, lifestyles and environment What is then a proper diet? A proper diet must be at least 20% cooked and 80% raw. But what is today’s reality? Almost all our food since our childhood are cooked with some were processed. This eating condition is almost unavoidable today. Fast food chains, food kiosks, street foods and “turo-turo” are everywhere, easily accessible. Do we have a choice? People eat on the run. We are always chasing with time and schedules. We chew, what ever is there readily chewable to fill our empty stomach.Copyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  9. 9. Food/Diet pH Scale Acidic Alkaline Why it is easier today to acidify than to alkalize? Acidosis is a by product of metabolizing “acid-yielding” foods.Copyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  10. 10. Why it is easier today to acidify than to alkalize? • Eating less fruits and vegetables, deprives us of potassium salt, a powerful alkalizing mineral and helps prevent hypertension and stroke. This is now the norm today. • Metabolizing too much animal protein (meat, fowl/chicken, seafood) in our body, will release excessive sulfuric acid, leading to acidosis. • Excessive grains or grains-based food such as rice, wheat, bread, pastries, filipino “kakanin”, cereals, etc, are acid-yielding. As well, too much grain-based carbohydrates makes our immune system non-intelligent, it will treat our own cells as enemies, leading to autoimmune disorders. Acidosis is a by product of metabolizing “acid-yielding” foods.Copyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  11. 11. Copyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  12. 12. Living Water • Fountain/spring water is nature’s provided living water due to the presence of health forming minerals and dissolved oxygen for our body. But this water is only available to people in the mountains. This is the reason why there are “healing springs” in the world. • Today, people are drinking bottled water, which either is distilled or purified through reverse osmosis, that was stripped-off of trace minerals, leaving it dead, unfit for health and contributing to acidosis. Acidic Alkaline Why it is easier today to acidify than to alkalize?Copyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  13. 13. Alkalizing the Easy Way • Contains 80+ trace minerals from natural mineral rock extract, dissolved oxygen, phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc, sodium, magnesium, copper, potassium • Creates instant oxygenated and mineralized alkaline drinking water. Turns your distilled or purified water to a living water. (TM+) • Neutralizes chlorine in potable tap water. Trace Minerals + Drop 600 drops per Acidic Alkaline bottle Why it is easier now to alkalize?Copyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  14. 14. Other Uses of TM Plus • Food flavoring – alternative for MSG • Cleanse and dry wound • Potted plant growth spray • Mouthwash • Relieves toothache • Acne/Pimple control TM+ • Re-hydration or electrolytes Trace Minerals + replenishment to replace sugar and Drop 600 drops per caffeine-based energy drinks bottle Acidic AlkalineCopyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  15. 15. Making Your Economical Alkaline Water • Put 30 – 40 drops to a 5- gallon water • In a liter of water, put 3 - 5 drops • In a glass of water, put 1 – 2 drops, depending on the height of the glass TM+ Commercial alkaline/oxygenated bottled water are expensive. And it can’t retain its quality for a longer Trace Minerals + period. Usually, upon refilling, it must be consumed Drop within 24 hours. Alkalized water through TM Plus, retains 600 drops per its alkalinity until its last drop. bottle Acidic AlkalineCopyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  16. 16. The Essence of Minerals “In the absence of MINERALS, vitamins has no function” – Dr. Mathias Rath “You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency” – Dr. Linus Pauling, Winner of 2 Nobel Peace Prize Award “Your mineral needs are even more TM+ important than your vitamin needs, Trace Minerals + Drop since our body cannot make its own 600 drops per minerals.” – Dr. Henry Schroeder, M.D., Ph.D. bottle Acidic AlkalineCopyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  17. 17. Minerals Deficiency Symptoms Cramps: Calcium, Sodium Acne: Zinc, Sulfur Depression: Calcium, Sodium Anemia: Iron, Selenium Diabetes: Chromium, Vanadium, Arthritis: Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Zinc Potassium, Boron Digestive Problem: Chlorine, Asthma: Manganese, Zinc, Potassium Chromium, Zinc Brittle Nails: Iron, Zinc Eczema: Zinc Birth Defects: Zinc, Copper, Cobalt, Goiter: Iodine, Copper Selenium, Magnesium, Manganese Hair Loss: Copper, Zinc Cancer: Selenium, Germanium Graying Hair: Copper Cardio-vascular Diseases: Calcium, Hyperacidity: Chromium, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Potassium, Magnesium, Lithium Selenium, Manganese Weak Immune System: Zinc, Chronic Fatigue: Zinc, Selenium, Selenium, Chromium Chromium Impotence: Selenium, Zinc, Constipation: Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Calcium, Chromium PotassiumCopyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  18. 18. TM Plus Product DemonstrationCopyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  19. 19. Alkalizing Vegetables Multi-Vitamin Formula • Containing 8 types of Philippine vegetables noted for its superior nutritional value according to a DOST study • Provides our daily nutritional allowance not available in today’s food. And it’s from nature’s food! Activ-Green 4 Activated vegetables Not just ONE leaf, but EIGHT In blister packs Papaya | Cassava | Siling Labuyo | Malunggay | Gabi | Saluyot | Ampalaya | CamoteCopyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  20. 20. A Nutritional Powerhouse of 8 Green Leaves Combined Food Composition per 100 grams Selected Nutrition Chart Leaves Protein (g) Calcium Phosphorus (mg) Iron Carotene Vit. A (mg) (mg) (micro-g) (RE) Carica Papaya 6.1 373 98 1.8 16,130 6,888 Cassava 7.1 175 117 2.6 14,440 2,407 (Balinghoy) Pepper (Siling 5.8 274 60 3.5 9,495 1,582 Labuyo) Moringa 6.1 346 118 4.5 7,740 1,290 (Malunggay) Taro (Gabi) 4.3 257 71 4 7,515 1,252 Jute (Saluyot) 6.5 488 114 11.6 7,325 1,221 Ampalaya 4.5 339 78 4.8 3,685 614 One, two, three or even four leaves, is not enough. Plus Camote Leaves (Ipomoea batatas)Copyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  21. 21. Activ - Green Health Benefits • A nutritional powerhouse to supplement the lack of essential nutrition from regular food • Balances body pH due to the presence of naturally occuring alkalizing minerals • Enhances the immune system • Helps in maintaining healthy blood sugar and • Cleanse our body from toxins, blood pressure including our colon • Alleviates severe • Regulates bowel movement dysmenorrheal pains in • Helps in faster recovery from women diseaseCopyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  22. 22. Activ – Green With 4 Activated leaves Papaya Siling Labuyo Gabi Saluyot • Example: activated charcoal or carbon • Used in filtration of drinking water to remove impurities like chlorine and heavy metals and other organic or non-organic foreign chemicals • When activated, it can attract through its surface areas other elements and chemicals through atomic bondingCopyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  23. 23. Activ – C+ Health Benefits • Provides our daily Vitamin C requirement in non-acidic form, to prevent acid build-up in our stomach overtime • Sodium and Calcium as well enhances absorptions • Vitamin C is known to regulate/modulate the immune Activ-C system response Sodium + Calcium Ascorbate non-ACIDIC Vitamin C • Helps fight diseases due to In blister packs deficiency in Vitamin C • Good even for childrenCopyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  24. 24. Cofihour : 24-hour Coffee Healthy Coffee • A non-acidic & great tasting coffee • Contains essential minerals and nutritional leaves of moringa, plus spirulina • With added nutrition & powerful anti-oxidants from purple corn and mangoosteen pulp • You can take this even every hour • Both mangoosteen and specially Cofihour purple corn are noted for high Enjoy your coffee every hour anti-oxidants value.Copyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated
  25. 25. Thank you for coming! Register or get a product now! Approach the person who invited you.Copyright © by Unli-Foods Incorporated