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Newborn brochur efinal

  1. 1. OUR Company Profile OUR CORE VALUES 3. Beauty Products NEW BORN INTERNATIONAL CORP. is a NEW BORN INTERNATIONALFilipino Multi-Level Marketing. It was founded as a Directsales corporation, became a MLM to fill the market need Nfor independent business owners, and is emphasizing GODLINESS : We succeed by living our Belief andproducts and services to differentiate itself from more E Valueprice oriented national chains. INTEGRITY: We never compromise Quality & Integrity An E-COMMERCE, DIRECT SELLING, and LEADERSHIP :NETWORK MARKETING firm that offers individual an W We care for our People-Partners and provideopportunity to start a sustainable, long term business by Solutions that will improve business results.providing people with high value market products for PROFESSIONALISM : 4. Health & Wellness Bgood health and general well being. We build our future thru profitable operations Technological enhancements, new business To Develop, Distribute, produce, and Opportunities and better partnerships. Omanufacture excellent & Highly Quality Products. Such EXECELLENCY :as NUTRITIONAL, AGRICULTURAL, and BEAUTY products. We develop quality projects, corporate and R Success Environment where challenge will lead OUR vision people to perform their best. COMPETENCY: N Be the prime catalyst for e-commerce, real We acquire, develop and share knowledge and estate, and out sourcing likewise other essential and apply it to enhance value for our people. innovative business solutions for total Sales and Marketing Concepts. We will established an innovative, revolutionary paradigm shift in the industry in order to OUR PRODUCT achieve our ultimate desire to help uplift the standard of living of everyone, everywhere, guided by the 5. Gadgets 1. Home care products 2. AGRI-PRODUCTS fundamental principles of integrity, professionalism, and Excellency. OUR MISSION To PROVIDE the Filipino business community with quality brand-name NEW BORN PLUS (INTERNATIONAL SUBSCRIPTION AMOUNT CORP.), reliable and professional Technical Support, and unparalleled Customer Service through the application of the PHP. 1,611 principles of duplication, and to earn a fair profit for our 1. Business Package: worth 1,500 members-business owners and stakeholders by embracing 2. I.D. , Brochures, sound, ethical business practices. To PRODUCE the best products and services to improve 3. ACCIDENT INSURANCE lives and deliver outstanding value to our customers. - Accidental Death: 100,000.00 To ADVANCE the health and well-being of Filipino - Accidental Disablement: 100,000.00 entrepreneur through NEW BORN INTERNATIONAL CORP. - Death Burial Assistance: 10,000.00 business opportunity offerings that will support positive lifestyle change resulting in improved quality of life.
  2. 2. OUR COMPLANI. CAREER DEVELOPMENT PERFORMANCE (CDP) RANK QUALIFICATION PROFIT MONTHLY THE CEO: SHARING PURCHASE DIS UPON SUBSCRIBED 5% 500.00  Welcome to the world of Opportunities in the NEWBORN INTERNATIONAL SUP 3 DIRECT DIS 10% 500.00 CORP. where Success is a Journey! Enjoy a MAN 3 SUP EACH LEG 15% 500.00 new dimension in your life, as you Venture in DIR 3 MAN EACH LEG 20% 1,000.00 business, because you were created to Succeed EDI 3 DIR EACH LEG 25% 1,500.00 with God’s Blessing and sharing the same to EDII 3EDI EACH LEG 30% 1,500.00 your Fellowmen! “ CLIMAX YOUR POTENTIAL EDIII 3 EDII EACH LEG 35% 1,500.00 TO MAXIMIZE YOUR 10% of the Global Sales Business Volume will be NEW BORN INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL”distributed to qualified subscriber according to their shares CORP. (NBIC) is an organized body of empowered entrepreneurs with the conceptII. LEADERSHIP INCEENTIVES of Marketing based on the duplicationGet 10% incentives based on your direct sponsor’s income Method of scientific standard procedure On Career Development Performance “Doing Business to through people helping people promoteII. Patronage ReWARD (pr) healthy lifestyle by constantly seeking the Next Level” PATRONAGE opportunities to develop holistic growth and QUALIFICATIONS financial adequacy. Back up by REWARD RANK DIRECT SPONSOR UNIVERSAL RESOURCING OPPORTUNITIES CORPORATION, 1,500.00 SUPERVISOR 2 DISTRIBUTOR MARKETRONIX BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, 5,000.00 MANAGER Must have 5 and Research & Development Team. It was conceptualized in June 07, 2009 by its 20,000.00 DIRECTOR Qualified for founders who are Dynamic Leaders and 50,000.00 EDI Patronage Reward at Marketing Innovators trained in the Real 150,000.00 EDII each leg Estate, Trading, Information technology and network marketing industry to cater to the 300,000.00 EDIII needs of the times.III. Global poolIV. INVESTMENT PACKAGE Php 300,000 required capital 4 % Interest equivalent to Php 72,000 guaranteed income w/in 6 months 30% Rebates on products sold to Members Pls. Contact:________________________ 214 Cospal Building, Mabini Street, Baguio City 30 % income for every Products sold to non- members Website: 7 REAL ESTATE FUND Certificate Applicable as reservation deposit to any properties of your Choice Mobile:_____________________________