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Future-Net Coop

  1. 1. Welcome Guest andVisitor’s
  2. 2. www.futurenet.phLet’s talk about realityHow many people in the world areliving on debt?How many of these people are suffering inhigh interest rate of their loan?How many of these people are benefitedfrom their loan?
  3. 3. Most of the times we are borrowingfrom the following…1. Collateral2. Credit Investigation3. Co-maker4. High interest5. No benefits on your loan6. Your loan might not approve5-6, personal credit
  4. 4. But why we endured this kindof system?It is because of…
  5. 5. Dreams
  6. 6. Is my efforts enough?Am I benefited or myfamily benefited?Where will be myefforts end?How can this help me buildmy family’s future?What will I do?The question is…. Think for a thousandtimes…
  7. 7. www.futurenet.phCOOPERATIVE
  8. 8. What isCOOPERATIVE?- Autonomous and a dulyregistered association- Common bond of interest- Voluntarily joined together- Achieve their social, economic,and cultural needs andaspirations- Equitable contributions- Patronizing their products andservices- With risks and benefits- It is under the supervision ofCooperative principles and underRA # 9520
  9. 9. www.futurenet.phCOOPERATIVEPRINCIPLES1. Voluntary and Open Membership2. Democratic Member Control3. Member Economic Participation4. Autonomy and Independence5. Education, Training and Information6. Cooperation Among Cooperatives7. Concern For CommunityWhat is RA # 9520R.A. 9520PHILIPPINECOOPERATIVECODE OF 2008***it is a presidential decree for all cooperative
  10. 10. Service Oriented Community OrientedPeople Oriented OWNED AND PATRONIZED BY MEMBERS
  11. 11. Self-responsibilityDemocracyEqualityEquitySolidarityHonestyOpennessSocial responsibilityCaring for others
  12. 12. MembershipQualificationNo individual would be members of the cooperative unlesshe/she is:18 years old and above;Natural or half Filipino;Foreigner with a Filipino Citizenship;In good faith to become member of the said Cooperative;In good health ;In normal mind condition and;Attend the Pre-membership Educational Seminar
  13. 13. Types ofMembershipA cooperative has two kinds of members: regular members andassociate membersAn associate member has no right to vote and be voted upon and isentitled only to such rights and privileges provided by the cooperative’sby laws.A regular member is one who has complied with all the membershiprequirements and entitled to all the rights and privileges of membershipas stated in the Cooperative Code and the coops’ by laws.
  14. 14. Know your obligation by attending PMESBuilding-up a Share Capital Patronizing the services and products of CooperativeFollowing Rules and Procedures of CooperativeAttend meetings conducted by the CooperativeBe subjective by the FNCC by-laws and Cooperative Codeof 2008 or RA#9520
  15. 15. Consumer CooperativeProducers CooperativeMarketing CooperativeService CooperativeMultipurpose CooperativeAdvocacy CooperativeAgrarian Reform CooperativeCooperative BankDairy CooperativeEducation CooperativeElectric CooperativeFinancial Service CooperativeFishermen CooperativeHealth Services CooperativeHousing CooperativeInsurance CooperativeTransport CooperativeWater Service CooperativeWorkers CooperativeCREDIT COOPERATIVE
  16. 16. What is CREDITCOOPERATIVE?As per the Cooperative Code of 2008 RA#9520- a credit cooperative is a financial organization owned;patronized and operated by its members with the following objectives;1. To encourage savings among members;2. To create a pool of such savings for which loans for productiveor provident purposes may be granted to its members; and3. To provide related services to enable its members to maximizethe benefits from such loans.
  18. 18. FUTURE-NET CREDIT COOPERATIVEFUTURE-NET CREDIT COOPERATIVEEstablished November 8, 2011CDA Registration # 9520-16020832www.futurenet.ph
  19. 19. Empowered by:Future-net Network MarketingAssociation of the PhilippinesSEC Registration # CN201118456www.futurenet.phFuture-net Common bond of interests:“ASSOCIATIONAL”All members of Future-Net Association (FNMAP, Inc.)can be a member of Future-Net Credit Cooperativeand vice-versa, No application to FNCC Membershipwill be accepted unless registered as FNMAPmember.***Adopted legislation under RA # 9520 ChapterXV, Article 117.
  20. 20. Barangay Clearance BIR Certificate Business Permit
  21. 21. RV BARRO CALAMAYAChairman of the BoardComputer Science GraduateIT ConsultantFormer IT Developer of ChinaBanking Corp.Former IT Developer of DigitalWave Inc.ENTREPRENEUR
  22. 22. EMT-Paramedic, CSPT, DGSV, SGCV, SSSH,MBA-CertifiedKSA-MOH-CSSD Committee MemberKFMC-Infection Control Sub-CommitteeMemberKFMC-CSSD Safety Liaison OfficerKFMC-CSSD Quality Improvement OfficerEuropean-Germany CSSD InternationalCertified(DIN-58946-6)MR. VIRGILIO JACKSON CASIÑARESVice-Chairman of the Board
  23. 23. Office of the AdministratorAlejandro O. NavarroBoard of DirectorEntrepreneur, Network BuilderTelephone :990.25.35 / 0939.158.3876Office of the AdministratorLeonora B. OlivaBoard SecretaryEntrepreneur, Operation ManagerTelephone :990.25.35 / 0939.372.6613Office of the AdministratorMelanie B. RapalFinance DepartmentEntrepreneurTelephone :382.74.40 / 0908.762.7453KEY OFFICIALS(Board of Directors)
  24. 24. MISSION1. To instill cooperativism as a way of life.2. To act as a catalyst and unifying force in thepromotion, development and cooperation ofcooperatives at all levels towards theimprovement of the quality of life.3. To seek ways and means of achieving self-reliance, integration and mutual assistanceVISIONTo become strong, viable cooperative in thePhilippines, unified by common aspirations topromote cooperativism characterized by self-reliance, mutual assistance, democracy, justiceand nationalism to achieve total humandevelopment.Core Values:Excellence, Commitment,Integrity & Teamwork.
  25. 25. Purpose of Future-net CreditCooperative To provide greater benefits to the members such as increasingindividual income or enhancing a member’s way of living. To be pioneering business in delivering sustainable financialservice for members and society. To engage in accepting deposits and granting of loans forproductive and providential use to members.
  26. 26. Membership Fee: Php1,500 (Php1,400 coop. mem. & miscelaneous + 100 association mem.)Lifetime Privilege of Members:www.futurenet.phLifetime Member of FNMAPLifetime Members of FNCCID/Back Office Website plus Certificate of MembershipAccidental Insurance (yearly renewable by cooperative)Future-net KitLifetime Benefits and Privilegesa. High interests rate of savings per annumb. High interests rate of dividend in pro-rata basisc. Loan Program traditional / fast trackd. Social Help Programe. Future-net Program to alleviate life’s standarda. Scholarship Program for deserving membersb. Free Medical/Dental Servicesc. Medical Missionsd. Providential Assistancee. Continuous education and livelihood training programf. Housing/Car loan
  27. 27. As per the CooperativeCode of 2008 underRA#9520, CreditCooperative Article, everymember has anobligation to pay dues forhis/her SHARE CAPITALRequired Share Capital:Php5,000***it can be payable bystaggered basis php50weekly.Your Share Capital will earned an interests of 6% in a pro-ratabasis. The more Share Capital you invest, the bigger earnings yougain as your year end Dividend. (Share Capital may be withdraw if the memberwishes so)How-ever, patronage refund can be added also to your dividend
  28. 28. Credit Cooperativeencourage also everymember to save, not onlyto teach them to be thriftbut to encourage them tobe responsible for theirFuture Advancement.Required Savings:Php5,000***it can be payable bystaggered basis php50weekly.Your Savings will earned a fixed interests of 6% per annum. Savingscan be withdraw anytime.
  29. 29. INSURANCE COVERAGE50k Accidental Death, 50KDismemberment,5k Medical Reimbursement due toAccident5k Burial Benefits due to Accident
  30. 30. A help program is a system of Future-net extendedfor members, this includes NATURAL DEATH &CALAMITY FUND***qualification: at least 3 mos. Members, have 1 referraland 1,000 build up share capitalHelp Program includes damayan system,members who has earnings the weekincident happen to a member, Php20 willbe deducted from their income incentive.
  31. 31. www.futurenet.phFuture-net CreditCooperative’s way ofExpansion is by invitingnew member, as a way ofTHANKSGIVING and to away of COOP to ensurethat members are diligentenough to work for thecoop, we are giving awaya CASH INCENTIVEinstead of items just likeothers did.In every person that you sponsor, Php750.00will be given as your incentiveInviting new members may be done by any member of Future-net CreditCooperative who wants to earned extra incentive, however please be it known thatmembers are not obliged to do so.- Half of your own efforts income (Php375)from 2nd and 4th direct invite will be passing upto your direct sponsor as a part of gratitudesystem, Php 375 will be retain to your account.
  32. 32. www.futurenet.phLevel No. of Member Loan1 5 0.50%2 25 0.40%3 125 0.20%4 625 0.10%5 3,125 0.05%6 15,625 0.05%7 78,125 0.05%8 390,625 0.05%9 1,953,125 0.05%10 9,765,625 0.05%LEVEL VALUE(%)1 0.52 0.43 0.24 0.15-10 0.05
  33. 33. www.futurenet.ph1. Semi-Regular Loan-When a member has reach at least Php3,000 S/C,they can loan 70% of the total amount of their buildS/C , at NO CI, NO COLLATERAL and NO CO-MAKERpolicy.•Loan interest will be 0.05% per month.• Penalty of 2% will be calculated from weekly payment incase of delayed payment.•Upon releasing of loan, payment for the first week will beautomatically deducted.Note: No CI, No Collateral and No Co-Maker policy isapplicable from loan amounting of 3,000 to 20,000 pesosonly, loan amount more than 20k will be needing ofCollateral or Co-maker.
  34. 34. 2. Regular Loan-When a member has reach Php5,000 S/C, they canloan 100% of the total amount of their build S/C , atNO CI, NO COLLATERAL and NO CO-MAKER policy.•Loan interest will be 0.05% per month.• Penalty of 2% will be calculated from weekly payment incase of delayed payment.•Upon releasing of loan, payment for the first week will beautomatically deducted.Note: No CI, No Collateral and No Co-Maker policy isapplicable from loan amounting of 3,000 to 20,000 pesosonly, loan amount more than 20k will be needing ofCollateral or Co-maker
  35. 35. 3. Fast Track Loan-If a member will at least invites 6 new members who joined FNCC,he/she is qualified to avail the fast track loan concept of Future-netregardless if he/she has build a S/C.- UNLIMITTED LOAN can be avail in every 6 direct sponsoring.•Loan interest will be 0.05% per month.• Penalty of 2% will be calculated from weekly payment in case ofdelayed payment.•Upon releasing of loan, payment for the first week will beautomatically deducted.Note: Re-loan amount will be depend on your payingstatus and your group. Upon re-loan at least 3k sharecapital was build.
  36. 36. 4. Dual Loan- A member who complete his/her S/C and has at 6direct referral can avail the dual loan concept ofFuture-net Credit Cooperative. Dual loan is acombination of Regular Loan and Fast Track Loan.•Loan interest will be 0.05% per month.• Penalty of 2% will be calculated from weekly payment incase of delayed payment.•Upon releasing of loan, payment for the first week will beautomatically deducted.Note: No CI, No Collateral and No Co-Maker policy isapplicable from loan amounting of 3,000 to 20,000 pesosonly, loan amount more than 20k will be needing ofCollateral or Co-maker
  37. 37. Send to:SMART: 0947-773-8823GLOBE: 0917-594-3243SUN: 0923-445-6708Please e-mail you deposit slip to futurenet08@gmail.com for update.Member can deposit payment to the following affiliate company ofFuture-net Credit Cooperative (loan payment/savings/share capital)Or you can pay overthe counter at themain office or anyaccredited satelliteoffice of Future-netCredit Cooperative.
  38. 38. Benefits:P75 per paid Mem Application5% Encashment0.5% Loan of Tagged ApplicationLock in (by Parameter area/Municipality)SATELLITE Panelo Certificate of Appointmento1M Insurance Coverage AD & Do 500,000 for Spouse & Maximum of 2Children (7-18y/o).o 100,000 Unprovoked Murder and assaulto 100,000 Burial Assistance Accidental Deatho Personal VTPL (Second Layer of car insurance)P200,000.00o Fire Assistance P 50,000.00o Membership Forms (2 pads)o 2pc. Provisionary Receiptso 2 pcs. Tarpaulin ( BIG )o 2 pcs. Tarpaulin ( SMALL )o 40 ACTIVATION CODES X 1500/each = P60,000REQUIREMENTS:Letter of Intent (LOI)Barangay ClearanceExisting MemberOfficeComputer/ScannerInternet
  39. 39. + Php 5 in every entry of your direct SATELLITE sponsorwww.futurenet.ph
  40. 40. Are you searching for someone who can help you alleviate your lifestatus at the moment? Maybe we can help…join now and be one ofus, In Future-net, we will help you invent your family’s future.
  41. 41. Unit-C 2nd/F 167 RCB Square, CasaMilan Comml,Commonwealth Ext. North Fairview, Q.C.Phone: 632.990.25350Smart: 0947-7738-823Globe: 0917-5943-243Sun: 0923-4456-708fncc.info@gmail.comfuturenet08@gmail.comOffice hours : 10AM – 8PMCut off time : 7PMMonday - Saturdaywww.futurenet.ph