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MediaPlatform - Video for the Enterprise

  1. 1. The Importance of Video The Benefits of Enterprise Video Benefit Result Increased learning Participants learn 200 percent more with video than with audio only Improved rate of Video participants absorb information up to 40 percent absorption faster than with voice communications Augmented content Attendees in video webinar/webcast sessions retain 38 retention percent more information than with audio Enhanced Video increases the power of persuasion by 43 percent persuasiveness over audio or written communications Increased impact of Video increases the impact of communications by 67 communications percent, while audio increases the impact by just 23 percent *Source: Yankee Group’s Anywhere Enterprise: 2010 US Unified Communications (UC) FastView Survey
  2. 2. The Importance of Video Drivers of Enterprise Video Reduce travel costs Improve corporate collaboration Primary driver Secondary driver Improve productivity Support green IT 0% 20% 40% 60% *Source: Yankee Group’s Anywhere Enterprise: 2010 US Unified Communications (UC) FastView Survey
  3. 3. Challenges to Video AdoptionHave Been Largely Overcome Old obstacles no longer exist with newer technologies Network technologies are smarter Distribution technologies are more efficient Video is now democratized Tablets and Smartphones make video mobile Production and distribution costs have come down significantly Online consumer video has accelerated adoption in the enterprise
  4. 4. Use Cases for Enterprise Video Executive Communications Town Halls and All Hands Meetings Corporate Communications Training and Education Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration Employee Generated Video Marketing, Webinars and Webcasts Sales Enablement Remote and Mobile Employee Communications
  5. 5. Building a Video Culture Create a task force Understand the technology Start small Promote consumerization
  6. 6. Video Enabling Existing BusinessProcesses Determine the business processes best suited to video Rebuild existing processes with video in mind Create new processes around video Consider all video use cases
  7. 7. Integrating Video Into the CorporateCulture Track and measure the benefits Drive usage from the executive ranks Create incentives to drive usage Consider video a strategic technology not a tactical one
  8. 8. Conclusion and Recommendations  Develop business related benchmarks and key performance metrics  Video’s business impact depends on the organization’s ability to correlate usage with productivity gains. Develop key performance metrics around specific processes, insert video into the process and then measure the metrics at a later date to determine the impact.  Democratize video within the organization  Video can be deployed on a variety of dedicated systems but also over tablets, PCs, and laptops. Find ways to make video ubiquitous within the organization.  Start the education process around the business video use cases now  Video is becoming mainstream in many organizations. Those that delay will be forced to play catch-up and risk being consistently beaten to new market opportunities.
  9. 9. To get started with enterprise video contact MediaPlatform today.