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Media Platform Progressive 2012 Investor Relations Case Study


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The power of Video for Corporate Communications reaches across all communications channels.

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Media Platform Progressive 2012 Investor Relations Case Study

  1. 1. Progressive 2012 Investor Relations Webcast Case Study
  2. 2. Overview Progressive Insurance wanted to improve the remote audience engagement and extend the reach of the live event by providing a high quality video virtual event for investors who could not attend the meeting Progressive Insurance selected MediaPlatform for the 2012 Investor Relations Meeting Live Video Webcast MediaPlatform’s WebCaster solution was used to support the Event The MediaPlatform Client Services team worked with the Creative Services team at Progressive to develop a custom webcast event template The event was a huge success and Progressive CEO Glenn Renwick Announced at the end of the event that he plans on presenting future Investor relations meetings as virtual video event webcasts
  3. 3. Event Registration Page
  4. 4. Event Safe Harbor Statement
  5. 5. Event Lobby
  6. 6. Event Live Video
  7. 7. Event Live Video – Full Video View
  8. 8. Event Live Video – Q&A
  9. 9. Contact Us If you would to webcast your next event please contact us