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Meeting of the Future 2016: Branding & Storytelling


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Short contextual introduction to the S2m Location Owners 'Meeting of the Future' in The Netherlands. September 2016.

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Meeting of the Future 2016: Branding & Storytelling

  1. 1. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for location owners CONNECTIVITY Serendipity Machine BOOKING ENGINE: Office Space Meeting Space Work Space ACTION CHANNELS: Refugees & S2mforLocals S2M-for-Events WHITE LABEL/ BRANDED CHANNELS MARKET PLACE 1 for Coworkers, Independent professionals, & Employees, Event visitors. C.C.&T. PLATFORM co-work connectivity and transaction platform MARKET PLACES to connect, collaborate & grow MARKET PLACE 2 for Location Owners, Event organizers & Ambassadors. co-work centers, corporate offices, theaters, libraries hospitals, hotels, coffee shops, events.