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Coaching Calender


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Workshop in Utrecht, Netherlands, on the subject of organization3.0.

Published in: Technology, Education
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Coaching Calender

  2. 2. Mijn feest: regendruppels zien en daardoor oceanen begrijpen…
  3. 4. * Groundswell Forrester Research
  4. 8. CONNECTIVITY OF PEOPLE CONNECTIVITY OF INFORMATION PC ERA WEB 1.0 WEB 3.0 2010-2020 WEB 4.0 2020-2040 Semantic web Web OS WEB 2.0 2000-2012
  5. 24. LAYAR
  6. 25. Yes, book now! LAYAR
  7. 28. 1 ZP 2
  8. 29. ZP
  9. 34. “… Beetje flauw om Transavia de schuld te geven. In ieder geval kun je daar beter mee vliegen dan met Turkish airways, want die landen soms ongeveer op Schiphol…” .
  10. 36. Share with friends Customers who bought this book also bought External reviews Books on related topics Customers were also interested in What do customers buy after viewing this item Customer tags Rate this item Customer reviews Most helpful reviews Customers discussions List-mania Guide-mania Customers who bought items in your history also bought… Average customer review sales rank Share product images
  11. 37. Hyves, Linkedin Facebook, Youtube Flickr Delicious Slideshare Seats2meet Plaza: Reviews: “” Corporate blog(s) Social network: Personal blog(s) Twitter fountain