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Roya vafaiyan


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Roya vafaiyan

  1. 1. Investigation of students’ motivation towardslearning secondary school Physics through mastery learning approach
  2. 2. Type of Study:The study is quantitative study which analyzesdata to produce statistical results to analyze forrelationships.The method for this experiment was quasi-experimental method.
  3. 3. Purpose of study This study investigated the effects ofusing masterly learning approach(MLA) on secondary school students’motivation to learn Physics.
  4. 4. Specific objectives of the study:• a) To compare the motivation of students taught Physics through MLA (masterly learning approach) with that of students taught through RTM (regular teaching method)• b) To determine whether students’ motivation is affected by gender when students are taught Physics through MLA.
  5. 5. Mastery Learning• In Master learning “the students are helped to master each learning unit before proceeding to move advanced learning task”.• The subject matter is divided into small units that have predetermined objectives or unit expectations.
  6. 6. How does Mastery Learning classroom look like?After beginning a unit, student will be given a formativeassessment .At this point, instruction goes in one of twodirections . Students are not competing against each other, but rathercompeting against themselves in order to achieve a personalbest.1)If students has mastered on objective ,he/she will begin ona path of enrichment activities that correspond to and buildupon the original objective.2)Students who do not achieve mastery, receive additionalinstruction like tutoring, peer monitoring, small groupdiscussions, or additional homework.
  7. 7. The conceptual frameworkTeaching and learning process has inputs and outputs
  8. 8. Mastery learning model:Bloom taxonomy The application of mastery learning is based on Benjamin Bloom’s • Students are given feedback about their learning and it help both students and teacher to identify what they have learned and the area of weakness.
  9. 9. Cone of learning
  10. 10. Several points emerge from these successful programs:Mastery learning provides a model of instructionthat is effective for a wide range of students.Mastery learning reduces the academic spreadbetween the slower and faster students withoutslowing down the faster students.The skills and concepts have been internalized andput to use in other areas of the curriculum.
  11. 11. The Kenya National Examination Council(KNEC)analysis for last 4 years shows that the mean score for Physics has been below 50% as given in table 1.
  12. 12. The research was carried out in 4 regularschools were assigned to the experimental and control groups teachers.• The experimental groups teachers were exposed to MLA for 3 weeks.• The control group teachers were to teach regular method.(RTM)
  13. 13. • The total of 161 students was taught the same Physics topic of Equilibrium and center of Gravity.• The Physics Achievement Test (PAT) was used to collect the data and the result of the study indicate that:• there is no statistical gender difference in motivation level for boys and girls• MLA teaching method is able to motivate students learning of Physics.
  14. 14. conclusions• MLA teaching method enhances student’s motivation to learn Physics as compare to regular teaching method.• The motivation to learning Physics when MLA is used is the same for boys and girls.
  15. 15. Summary of the Scenarios- various “g” forces “Learning by Doing”
  16. 16. Misconception between mass and weight Discussion with Pre-test Post test students and assess their prior knowledge & misconceptionsClass 1 Regular teaching 27% of students 15% of students still25students method (RTM) have misconception Have problemClass 2 MLA method 30% of students 4% of students still30 students have misconception have problem