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Webit 2012 summary


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Webit 2012 summary

  1. 1. New Concept : Always Adressable CustomerCustomers are always adressable thanks to :0 Multiple devices0 Multiple locations0 Being able to access the internet frequently
  2. 2. Facts On Mobile Internet0 In 2010 mobile internet usage was 9%0 In 2011 mobile internet usage was 22%!Smart phones are expected to cannibalizedesktops in the near future!
  3. 3. Mobile Connectivity0 Mobile connectivity is the catalyst for growth in top 20 fastest growing economies.0 60% smart phone penetration is expected in developed markets, in very near future.0 Mobile connectivity improves many aspects of life from Banking to Education, Agriculture and HealthMobile connectivity makes communities moresocial and gives people a voice!
  4. 4. Turkey Facts0 14% smart phone penetration in mobile phones0 46% of new mobile phone sales are smart phones0 44% log on everyday0 88% use their smart phones on the go0 Expected to be 3rd country over the next couple of years according to App download
  5. 5. Changing Patterns in Customer Behavior0 Enormous amount of information0 Social sharing&engaging0 Shortened purchase cycle0 Shop any timeCustomers are in control!Push Strategy vs. Pull Strategy
  6. 6. E-Commerce0 2011 Volume : 4 billion USD0 2012 Expected Volume : 10 billion USD (revised from 7 billion USD)Minimal steps are required for easier shopping!
  7. 7. New Concept : Digital Self0 It is every click, tap&key stroke we make on a connected device0 A lot can be predicted from knowing someone’s digital self0 Digital self makes targeted marketing possibleHowever, be careful about the relationship you setup with a customer! Don’t push boundaries toomuch!
  8. 8. Location Based Services On The Rise!0 28% of all US adults uses social location based services0 126% increase in access of social sites from mobile devices compared to just one year ago0 68% of social networking users are on mobile device
  9. 9. Multi-Screen World0 4 screens are used simultaneously 0 Tv 0 Notebook/Desktop 0 Tablet PC 0 Smart Phone0 85% of mobile/PC users access the web while wathcing TVA marketer has to be on these 4 devices at thesame time to be successful!24% lift in recall in multi-screen campaigns!
  10. 10. The Rise Of The Platforms0 Be present on the platforms 0 Search engines 0 Social platforms 0 Websites 0 Displays 0 Youtube 0 Offline channels 0 MobileInteractive advertising important!Connect with people!Invite people, let them express theirselves!