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Magazine annotation empire


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Magazine annotation empire

  1. 1. This strap line informs that readers that the magazine hasThe mast head is big and bold as faith in this issue and that itsthis what they would the reader to selling really well this would makebe able to see first so that they can the reader think that this issuerecognise that this their usual really is good and Worthingmagazine, the font is red this buying to read.connotes passion and action thismay for harry potter fans and At the right hand side they have placedpeople who enjoy watching action features with a text box above it sayingmovies. ‘plus’ this notify the reader what willThis text says ‘ part1’ at the bottom definitely be featured in the magazine.this implies that there is more issues of They have used big bold words for the titleharry potter to be released by the of the features this is so the reader will bemagazine this may appeal and attracted to this and it may interest them.encourage more readers (harry potterfans) to buy the magazine as theywould want a collection. This is the main image , it notifies theThis glass shattering effect reader that this issue will be either aboutis made to look like the Harry Potter or Daniel Radcliff this will bewand of Harry Potters broke appeal to his fans and audiences that enjoyit , this is because it shows watching the movie. He has a direct modethat he is a rebel and breaks of address this to attract the readers eyesthe rules and out to get and get them engaged into the magazine, itanyone that stand s in his also makes them feel special as if he is onlyway. giving that one person eye contact. This a puff placed at the bottom of the magazine , it acts as an advert to attract the audiences attention and make them more interested in buying the magazine., because this a film magazine the feature is film related as this what the readers wants to be informed about.
  2. 2. The masthead is a big ,red, bold word to stand out in the magazine so the readers The slogan of the magazine, shows can identify what film magazine it is , also the reader they are the magazine called empire this shows power and to be read, that it contains all the dominance as that is the impact film has on information needed to know about society. every kind of film. This puff, is advertisement toThe background of the magazine is engage the reader to read onwhite, this to make important text in inside the magazine if it appealsother colours stand out and images to them, so it encourages them tothis to attract the audiences to make purchase the magazine.them read features that should The email address of the website tointerest them in buying the magazine. show target audience where they can research more information about the film magazine.This is the caption to link with the The image has been enlarged and placed atimage to inform the reader why this the right hand side of the magazine cover, thewas taken. model is ‘MEGAN FOX’ who is considered to be a sex symbol and a new upcoming actress. She has a direct mode address to catch the audiences eye to make them think that she isThese features contain actors of only looking at them, she is also kneelingdifferent film genres , they have down and topless this for to connote sexincluded this to show readers that appeal readers may recognise her for playingthis magazine is for everyone not just promiscuous roles as an actress this may bea particular social group. especially appealing to the male audiences. The tattoo down the side is on show because it is similar to ‘ANGELINAS JOLIE’ tattoo in the film wanted which was very popular, so the magazine hopes that this image will attract all kind of readers who may favour other celebrities.
  3. 3. This is the website andThis the masthead, it is in date for readers tobig bold capital letters this updated with so it can be noticed bythe reader to be informedwhich film magazine it is .The white font is just a These are features thatdenotation it has just will appear inside thebeen used to stand out. magazine this should interest the reader andThis puff is an make them want to buy itadvertisement to attract to read on.the reader into buying themagazine ‘sex’ is used a lotto promote products and The main image is ofour society are more Batman all dressed in blackpromiscuous. as he is the black knight audiences will recogniseThe background is a grey this, but red marker hasblack colour to fit in the been drawing on him thiswith whole dark knight connotes danger becausetheme. its made to look like the joker has done this , thisRed font connotes danger creates a sense of curiositywhich links with the joker for the reader as theythe villain. would like to know why the joker has done this . This feature will be appealing to comic book fans as the front cover will This is the barcode and the be a collective item. publisher of the magazine.