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The Digital Workplace - What are the elements - How do we achieve success - spfestdc 2016


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Define "Digital Workplace" and talk about the components of Office 365 that support it. Talk about change management, governance and lessons learned.

Published in: Technology
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The Digital Workplace - What are the elements - How do we achieve success - spfestdc 2016

  1. 1. The Digital Workplace: What are the elements? How do we achieve success? Ruven Gotz Avanade Download this deck at
  2. 2. DIRECTOR & REGIONAL LEAD Ruven Gotz @ruveng
  3. 3. What do we mean by “digital”?
  4. 4. We’ve been using computers for a long time
  5. 5. Information Silos
  6. 6. Information Sharing: The good old days
  7. 7. What is a Digital Workplace (DW) anyway?
  8. 8. The digital workplace is the collection of all of the digital tools provided by an organization to allow its employees to do their jobs.
  9. 9. The digital workplace is meant to be a virtual equivalent to the physical workplace, which requires strong planning and management due to its fundamental role in people’s productivity, engagement and working health.
  10. 10. The Digital Workplace consists of a holistic set of tools, platforms and environments for work, delivered in a coherent, usable and productive way.
  11. 11. A digital workplace is a modern work environment where employees are more engaged to make faster decisions and achieve greater results. They are fully empowered by contextual analytics and mobile technologies, and engage in online communities to find and disseminate needed information and foster employee-led innovations.
  12. 12. Me!
  13. 13. When it comes to Office 365…
  14. 14. But I’ll also admit…
  15. 15. Microsoft’s Components: • Office Graph • Delve • Planner • Groups • Delve Analytics • Yammer • PowerApps • OneDrive The Waffle
  16. 16. The single most exciting new development: The Office Graph *Not to be confused with the Microsoft Graph *
  17. 17. /users
  18. 18. /messages
  19. 19. /events
  20. 20. /files
  21. 21. /groups
  22. 22. /groups
  23. 23. /workingWith
  24. 24. /trendingAround
  25. 25. Office Graph
  26. 26. We work in a fragmented world C:, X:
  27. 27. The Office Graph enables Delve The first application that uses the Office Graph
  28. 28. Planner for Project Management
  29. 29. Groups
  30. 30. Delve Analytics
  31. 31. Take back your time
  32. 32. A new add-in for outlook
  33. 33. Yammer for Enterprise Collaboration
  34. 34. You’ve got a problem… How can social tools really help to drive a digital workplace?
  35. 35. Collaborate with peers
  36. 36. Come up with some great ideas…
  37. 37. Deliver an awesome report
  38. 38. It gets filed
  39. 39. In a knowledge base
  40. 40. So that it’s easily searchable
  41. 41. Problem! Collaborate or Work Alone KM System This is hard work, and it’s hard to get people to do this People aren’t good at searching and they don’t trust the search engines SLOW SLOW
  42. 42. Here’s where social can help Social KMCollab
  43. 43. Collaborate or Work Alone KM System Has anyone ever worked with Product X in situation Y? @Sue did last year @Bill was the tech lead on that Here’s a link to the spec, call me if you have questions Just what I need to solve this
  44. 44. PowerApps & Flow
  45. 45. OneDrive
  46. 46. Planning, Communication & Governance
  47. 47. You’ve got to plot your path
  48. 48. Assess current state with a maturity model
  49. 49.
  50. 50. Change Management is key to success
  51. 51. Need to get everyone pulling together
  52. 52. The foundations that support adoption
  53. 53. Key lessons learned Plan DeliverEngage Improve It’s an iterative process
  54. 54. Key lessons learned Secure buy-in and commitment from an executive stakeholder and key leaders
  55. 55. Key lessons learned Co-ordinate business process changes on a long term basis – it’s not a technology drop-in, it’s a process change
  56. 56. Key lessons learned Communicate, communicate, communicate
  57. 57. Key lessons learned Define success – adoption is not a one-time activity and viral adoption cannot be assumed
  58. 58. Key lessons learned Develop a network of evangelists; engage long-term well beyond launch
  59. 59. Key lessons learned Involve users as early as possible
  60. 60. Key lessons learned Listen closely to naysayers and understand their concerns.
  61. 61. Key lessons learned Implement mobile support and access
  62. 62. Changing the nature of collaboration Frictionless Collaboration
  63. 63. Why am I so excited about this? Digital Workplaces can make business better and make employees happier… …the best is yet to come!
  64. 64. Thank You!
  65. 65. Ruven Gotz @ruveng