6 Reasons To Meet Tnoc


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6 reasons to meet TNOC
-want to invigorate your brand with new insights?

let’s meet & see
what it takes to
bring your ideas to life. www.tnoc.ch

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  • 6 Reasons To Meet Tnoc

    1. 1. 6 reasons to work with us making ideas come to life
    2. 2. 6 reasons to work with ©TNOC | The New Objective Collective 1. Build a customer centric business 2. Re-Invent Your Marketing 3. Innovate With Meaning 4. Design Relevant Experiences 5. Inform and inspire your people 6. Boldly go where no one has...
    3. 3. Reason 1: Build a Customer Centric Business 80% of companies believe that the customer experience they provide is superior.  8% of their customers agree.  This mismatch is unacceptable for any business in search of long term sustainability. ©TNOC can help you better connect to your customer base by: • Highlighting the business value of customer-centric thinking • Defining metrics to track customer delight and advocacy • Crafting value propositions based on real customer needs • Challenging your teams where they disregard the customer • Structuring your business for customer-centricity
    4. 4. Reason 2: Re-Invent Your Marketing The consumer has “tuned out” of the traditional marketing model, but when it comes to alternatives, many brands, media and agencies are at a loss. ©TNOC can help you re-gain the attention of your customers by: • Helping your people to better understand the changing media & consumption patterns • Creating a media/message mix that resonates with your customers (vs. irritating them) • Challenging “old world” marketing dogmas which have stopped making sense • Bringing word-of-mouth, new media and retail "in the mix" • Allocating marketing funds where they generate most profit
    5. 5. Reason 3: Innovate With Meaning 96% of innovations fail to reach their ROI targets.  In our opinion, they simply don’t resonate with the business’ customers or its value chain.  In short, they are meaningless. ©TNOC re-introduces meaning to your innovation efforts, by: • Demonstrating that real innovation isn’t about faster, better and more product features • Defining new profit opportunities based on customer insight • Challenging meaningless innovation “money traps” • Involving customers and partners in innovation initiatives • Outsourcing those parts of the innovation mix you don’t need to do yourself
    6. 6. Reason 4: Design relevant customer experiences Only 12% of marketers agree their plans integrate across all touchpoints.  Even less succeed in making their brand's experience meaningful and memorable. ©TNOC helps you design relevant customer experiences at all touch-points by: • Making the business case for integrated experience design • Redefining product into experience management • Establishing experience design parameters for all touchpoints • Challenging inconsistencies in customer experience • Defining brand experiences, flagships and retail formats •
    7. 7. Reason 5: Inform and Inspire You and Your People The current rate of change in marketing, innovation, strategy and design makes it hard for any executive to keep up. ©TNOC can help you and your team stay “in tune” by: • Presenting keynotes & briefings on the new market realities • Enhancing presentations and strategies with insights or data • Organising workshops and physical “tours” to experience the new developments first hand • Acting as your personal sparring partner and challenger in setting the course of your business
    8. 8. Reason 6: Boldly Go Where No One ... While gurus recommend to “boldly experiment” in marketing and innovation, they leave us with little guidance on how this should be done. We can help you lead your customers across the new frontier, by: • Integrating your brand in games or virtual worlds • Establishing consumer generated communication platforms • Setting up co-creation and open innovation platforms • Developing real world "flagship experiences" • Exploring environmental & social implications of your strategy
    9. 9. Samples & Case Studies • Objective setting workshops (live and virtual) • Online collaboration adopted & delivered (using Central Desktop, Mindmanager, Google Apps, Wave & Moderator) • Personal Storytelling through new media (on posterous, hotpotato, foursquare, linkedin, wordpress, ning, etc) • Customised narrowcasting (on Ustream, on24, inXpo, webex, podcast, videocast, webinar) • Grassroots campaigning using integrated web & live networking toolset • Volunteers in business collaboration (ning networks engaged to reveal knowledge networks and idea fulfillment) • Bespoke App for destinations and events (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows mobile & browser) • Live & online benchmarking, monitoring of perception and net promotor performance
    10. 10. the sun is setting over traditional business models
    11. 11. the sun is setting over traditional business models
    12. 12. logo courtesy of: Gwendolyn Van Solingen want to invigorate your brand with new insights? let’s meet & see what it takes to bring your ideas to life image courtesy of: David Armano image Ruud Janssen (Founder ©TNOC) courtesy of: Abbitt Meeting Support
    13. 13. how can we help your clients to reconsider your brand new perception? let’s meet & find out ©TNOC | Founder | Ruud Janssen | 03-03-09 Accredited MPI Global Trainer Board member MPI International Board of Directors 2010-2011 twitter = @RuudWJanssen website = http:/www.tnoc.ch skype = TNOC.skype linkedin = www.linkedin.com/in/ruudwjanssen blog = http://www.tnoc.posterous.com Chamber of Commerce = CH-
    14. 14. www.tnoc.ch making ideas come to life