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strEAM+ Reliability Analytics Add-On for Maximo EAM

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IBM Solution Brief strEAM+

  1. 1. IBM ISV & Developer Relations Industrial MarketsSolution Brief MaxGrip and IBM: optimal asset maintenance An advanced approach to maintenance strategy planning that helps asset-intensive organizations ensure compliance and achieve objectives for uptime, safety, cost and the environment Whether in electrical utilities, deepwater oil rigs or petrochemical Highlights: plants, mission-critical assets are incredibly complex to manage and maintain. Trusted methodologies from the past do not offer the • Optimizes asset maintenance plans to precision, integration or flexibility required to push assets to their limits attain business objectives and comply with regulatory requirements and minimize costs while maintaining high productivity and safety. • Prioritizes critical, high-risk assets during In fact, traditional preventive practices based on simple time or usage maintenance planning and service calculations make it very difficult for organizations to strike the right • Enables asset managers to compare balance between too much and too little asset maintenance. At the scenarios and see how decisions affect same time, more complex approaches tend to be too resource-intensive key metrics and time-consuming to offer maintenance teams much actual help. • Integrates two proven platforms for maintenance strategy planning and IBM and MaxGrip offer a better way. Bringing together proven asset management platforms for asset performance management (APM) and enterprise • Helps asset-intensive organizations asset management (EAM), the combined solution can help any develop and execute maintenance company with capital-intensive assets develop maintenance plans, plans quickly analyze risk and optimize maintenance activities to meet specific goals for uptime, safety, performance and cost. Solution Overview The ideal asset maintenance plan generates the best possible outcomes using the least amount of resources. Traditional approaches to solving this challenge have often relied on the individual experience and expertise of long-standing employees. As this generation of maintenance experts continues to leave the workforce, asset-intensive organizations must find new ways to develop maintenance plans, explore trade-offs and make reliable, data-driven decisions. Risk and criticality must be factored into the plan as well. The solution from IBM and MaxGrip provides the tools maintenance managers need to optimize plans in complex operations very quickly. It delivers new levels of automation, quantitative analysis and enterprise-level integration, giving teams a practical structure for creating, managing and optimizing risk-centric maintenance plans. The solution also makes it easier for decision makers to understand how different maintenance strategies may affect cost, uptime and other metrics over time.
  2. 2. IBM ISV & Developer Relations Industrial MarketsSolution BriefThe solution starts with strEAM+, an APM platform from •• Scenario analysis. Maintenance organizations can useMaxGrip. This innovative software suite allows users to set this module to simulate scenarios for specific maintenancecompany or site-specific objectives for safety, availability, strategies. The module helps identify short and long termenvironmental outcomes, maintenance costs and other factors. availability, person-hours, spare part requirements, associatedIt then employs a combination of failure analysis and event costs and residual risk for each strategy, so that competingsimulation to help maintenance teams create and evaluate scenarios can be measured and compared prior to making aplans that find the perfect balance among financial results, final decision.operational performance and residual risk. •• Library. This module is a collection of assets that have been assigned a generic failure behavior (such as mean time toWhere strEAM+ differs from other available APM platforms failure (MTTF), mean time to repair (MTTR) or statisticalis that it is fully integrated within the user interface of IBM deviation) and frequently occurring maintenance measures.Maximo® Asset Management, an industry-leading, end-to-end Operations that feature a variety of similar asset types benefitEAM platform that asset-intensive organizations use to significantly from the library, because associated maintenancecontrol asset installation, operation, service, decommissioning actions for any asset are easy to retrieve and reuse. Thisand many other activities. Because strEAM+ is tightly allows entire maintenance databases to be set up in a fewintegrated with Maximo, it can use the same asset structures weeks instead of several months. Data in the library is basedand share data seamlessly. on industry standards, other reliability databases and more than 15 years of field data collection by MaxGrip.With this single solution, organizations gain everything •• Root cause analysis. This module enables maintenancerequired to manage the reliability of every asset in the enterprise. managers to identify the root cause of a problem in aThere is no need to bring together disparate point solutions structured way. Its central feature is a detailed event map thatfrom multiple vendors and build custom integrations. Maximo allows users to assign actions, record decisions and storeand strEAM+ are already integrated and the capabilities conclusions in a central database, so this knowledge can bethey provide cover every conceivable need. retrieved instantly. •• RBI for atmospheric storage tanks. The RBI (risk-basedThe strEAM+ platform includes a variety of modules that inspection) module optimizes maintenance intervals andcan be configured to meet the needs of virtually any asset- inspection dates of storage tanks to generate substantialintensive organization, including those in oil and gas, energy savings. This module supports all aspects of EEMUA 159and utilities, liquid storage, petrochemicals, water, food and and is certified by Lloyd’s Register. Other RBI standards andprocess industries. Some of the most powerful modules in degradation models will be integrated in the future.the strEAM+ portfolio are:•• Quick RCM. The Quick RCM (reliability centered These and other strEAM+ modules are seamlessly integrated maintenance) module helps teams set asset priorities on a with IBM Maximo, enabling organizations to implement a rapid timetable. Its structured analysis, based on documented single solution for asset management and maintenance. objectives, is used to quickly identify which plant components or equipment are most critical to safety, performance and the Solution Benefits environment. This helps organizations acquire a clear picture •• Compliance. Because maintenance plans can be evaluated of critical assets and prioritize them for RCM and other and optimized to meet specific performance metrics, maintenance activities. asset-intensive organizations can more easily ensure that they•• RCM. With critical assets identified, an RCM asset analysis comply with regulatory requirements for safety and the can be conducted. For each asset and its components, failure environment. effects are calculated with respect to established operational •• Reliability. Carefully evaluating risk and optimizing objectives. Risk-reducing measures are created for all assets maintenance plans accordingly positions organizations to deemed critical according to adopted risk thresholds. maximize the availability of critical equipment, and to ensure Cost savings can be achieved by identifying and deleting operations reach the desired level of productivity. unnecessary risk-reducing measures on noncritical assets. This two-tier RCM approach creates a much faster path to risk mitigation. 2
  3. 3. IBM ISV & Developer Relations Industrial MarketsSolution Brief•• Efficiency. Integrating the EAM and APM platforms, then •• IBM WebSphere® Application Server. This software adding simulation and maintenance plan optimization, gives speeds the delivery of applications and services, enabling organizations powerful new ways to find the ideal balance organizations to operate efficiently and reliably while between proactive and reactive work. ensuring security and control. It reduces costs and downtime by consolidating workloads, infrastructure and administrativeMaxGrip and IBM: a closer look tasks with enhanced web server load-balancing and failover.Choosing a solution that is fully integrated with IBM Maximo •• IBM DB2®. This database software is optimized to delivermeans that organizations do not need to retrain maintenance industry-leading performance across multiple workloadsteams. Familiarity with the Maximo interface can be applied while lowering the cost of administration, storage,to strEAM+ to ensure a smooth transition. Components of development and servers. Features include pureXML®,the solution from IBM include: industry-leading deep compression, and multi-temperature•• IBM Maximo Asset Management. This fully integrated data management. EAM software unifies comprehensive asset lifecycle and •• IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence. This software maintenance management on a single platform. It provides provides a wide range of functionality to help organizations insight for all enterprise assets, including conditions and understand their own data. It helps monitor and measure work processes, for better planning and control. how companies are performing with business intelligence capabilities such as scorecards, dashboards, reports and realtime monitoring.MaxGrip and IBM Solution Architecture Maximo EAM strEAM+ strEAM+ server WebSphere A.S. DB2The solution from IBM and MaxGrip creates an unprecedented opportunity for utilities, oil and gas producers, infrastructure owners, petrochemicalprocessors and other asset-intensive organizations to optimize maintenance of critical assets more quickly and precisely. 3
  4. 4. MaxGrip and IBM: maximizing reliabilityMaxGripWith a large group of consultants, developers and internalsupport services, MaxGrip is adept at translating businessobjectives into practical, workable solutions within asset © Copyright IBM Corporation 2012performance management. What differentiates MaxGrip is IBMthat the organization integrates management, consultancy Route 100and IT, developing solutions that range from management Somers, NY 10589 U.S.A.objectives to maintenance to work orders, with a strongemphasis on superior maintenance to ensure critical assets Produced in the United States of America December 2012remain available and perform as expected. Because of its All Rights Reservedleading solutions in the field of asset performance IBM, the IBM logo,, Cognos, DB2, Maximo and WebSpheremanagement, Gartner, the international IT research and are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machinesconsultancy company voted MaxGrip “Cool Vendor 2012” Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. If these andin the operations and manufacturing category. other IBM trademarked terms are marked on their first occurrence in this information with a trademark symbol (® or ™), these symbols indicate U.S. registered or common law trademarks owned by IBM at the timeIBM this information was published. Such trademarks may also be registeredThrough hardware, software and service offerings, IBM or common law trademarks in other countries. A current list of IBMprovides a rich portfolio of solutions to help energy and trademarks is available on the Web at “Copyright and trademark information” at: companies adapt business processes for powergeneration optimization, transmission and distribution Other product, company or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.operations, customer operation transformation andcorporate support services. As part of its Smarter Energy References in this publication to IBM products or services do notefforts, IBM works with energy companies and utilities imply that IBM intends to make them available in all countries in which IBM operates.around the world to deliver electric power, gas and watermore efficiently and responsibly. This work combines Please RecycleIBM’s experience and expertise in the energy industrywith an ecosystem of IBM Business Partners whoseapplications enhance the SAFE framework.For more informationTo learn more about IBM in energy and utilities, contact yourIBM sales rep or visit: learn more about MaxGrip, please EUS03043-USEN-00