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Why choose-liferay

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Why choose-liferay

  1. 1. Why choose Liferay as yourEnterprise Portal?!Ruud KluiversSenior Manager Business Development16 October 2012
  2. 2. Liferay European Symposium ThemeOpen for Business
  3. 3. My 4th LR European Symposium- 2008- 2009- Skipped 2010 *- 2011 opportunity to present “An Enterprise Perspective onLiferay”- 2012 “Why choose Liferay as your Enterprise Portal!?”* (My wife booked a holiday and I had to join!)
  4. 4. Portal Experience- IBM Websphere- <MS SharePoint>*- BEA Weblogic* I personally have hesitation calling this a portal product
  5. 5. QUESTION
  6. 6. What do these solutions / companieshave in common?- Heavy price tag?!- GARTNER MQ- Software stack that is completely owned by the vendor- Not very innovative- Closed source
  7. 7. Gartner MQ for Horizontal Portals
  8. 8. Portal Vision- build solutions on standards based products preferably byusing (reusable) building block aka portlets,- in case you need to create ‘custom / bespoke buildingblocks’ stick to standards,- ensure re-use and portability and thus leverage yourinvestments,- rely on the portal framework for infrastructure and plumbingdo not temp to create stuff that is already available,- create value by / for re-use, contribute to your organizationneeds
  9. 9. PLAN B
  10. 10. Portal Experience- IBM Websphere- <MS SharePoint>- BEA Weblogic- Liferay
  11. 11. Summary: An Enterprise Perspective- Risc management- No First Mover ambition- What’s the analyst opinion (Gartner)?- Eco system
  12. 12. Why choose Liferay?- You are in great company- Great technology- Great people- Innovative- Unmatched value for money- Open- Standards based- Non disruptive- Very affordable> You have an Obligation!
  13. 13. QUESTION
  14. 14. The money you spend is?A: Your own, personalB: Your Company (and/or company investors)C: Your CustomersD: Collective = Tax payers (i.e. our money)
  15. 15. QUESTION
  16. 16. Crisis? What Crisis!Are you more careful spending money because of the‘economic crisis?If so in what way?
  17. 17. What is your organization’s stance on using Open Source?
  18. 18. What effect has the economy had on your usage of open source?
  19. 19. Spend your money wisely!..... you should always be careful spending money,especially if it is not your money,regardless if we are in an economic crisis!
  20. 20. Let’s talk software- Non-tangible asset- Can be distributed with virtual zero cost- Copying and distributing does’t decrease the value.(On the contrary.)- All previously created value accessible to all- (Software piracy !?)
  21. 21. QUESTION
  22. 22. What is a license?Wikipedia says “A software license (“software licence” inCommonwealth English) is a legal instrument (usually by wayof contract law) governing the use or redistribution of software”
  23. 23. License vs Subscription- Why do you need to pay for value that is already created?- Don’t you agree that is fundamentally wrong?- We don’t sell you a license!- We grant you a right of use to Liferay Enterprise Edition for‘free’ provided you agree to our SSA.- Wouldn’t it make more sense to pay for the future?- Support, EOL service, updates, security fixes, newfunctionality, fund continuous investments in the product so weall benefit.
  24. 24. TCOIn my experience Liferay Enterprise Edition is 4 to 10 timescheaper in TCO when compared to commercial closed sourcevendor’s solutions!
  25. 25. Costs based on List Prices
  26. 26. List Prices with 80% discount from IBM & Oracle
  27. 27. List Prices with FREE licenses AND 80% discount from IBM & Oracle
  28. 28. List Prices with FREE licenses AND 80% discount from IBM & Oracle over an extended support period.
  29. 29. Moving to Supported Open SourceProfessor Jim Norton states in his ‘Open For Business’ paper that by moving to open-source organizations will- enjoy bigger innovation sooner,- simply because of better interaction with the vendor,- deep access to the software and- support of the product.
  30. 30. Liferay Advantages • Privately held, profitable from Day1 company behind open source software • Proven, enterprise portal platform with 350,000 installations worldwide • Lower license cost • Easier and cheaper to install and maintain • Less time needed to configure, secure and implement • Quick POC enables to try and prove the value before making long term commitments • Short learning curve • No vendor lock, compatible with all major technologies (OS, AS, DB) • Change delivered within weeks and not months confirmed by customers • Clear roadmap adopting new technologies much faster than competitors • Sponsored development allows customers to contribute to core product and lower future maintenance costs • Higher customer satisfaction confirmed by Gartner • 15,000+ community sharing Liferay experience for free • Up to 90% costs savings in TOC compared to other major propriety vendors
  31. 31. ConclusionNot all IT solutions are created equally, with the platformchoices you make you can have an impact, as a responsibleemployee and as a responsible citizen.If your organization subscribes to CSR (Corporate SocialResponsibility) you have an obligation to check out Liferay.For instance: Public Administration is spending our (taxpayers) money, let’s make sure that is done in the mostresponsible and effective manner.Dont settle for anything but the best, Liferay is your steppingstone to success.
  32. 32. Q&ARuud Kluiverse: ruud.kluivers@liferay.comt: +31-71-8895610@LiferayBenelux

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