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Serendipitous Learning Interactions During City Visits


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Results From A Pilot Study

Published in: Education, Technology
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Serendipitous Learning Interactions During City Visits

  1. 1. SERENDIPITOUS LEARNING INTERACTIONS DURING CITY VISITS RESULTS FROM A PILOT STUDY Ruthi Aladjem and Rafi Nachmias Knowledge Technology Lab, Tel Aviv University
  2. 2. Travel situations have long been recognized as holding substantial learning potential (Mitchell, 1998; Falk et al., 2012)
  3. 3. Knowledge was limited to the scope of the book, preselected by an editor or an expert guide.
  4. 4. How can mobile technology be used for supporting learning interactions in authentic settings (the city)? .
  5. 5. -Learning needs -Tools and applications -Types of learning activities -Contexts .
  6. 6. Any learning activity which occurs outside of the formal learning environment or outside of the curriculum (Kleis et al,1973; Livingston, 2000 )
  7. 7. -Location-based -Social interaction -Real time documentation -Real time scheduling services -Translation
  8. 8. The availability theme The social theme The awareness theme
  9. 9. Mobile as an ad hoc PLE Informal /Formal learning Personalization Planning ahead
  10. 10. Thank You