The Servant and the Master


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The Servant and the Master

  1. 1. I was InspIred by LITTLe GIrLs THaT LIKe sTOrIes OF prInCes and prInCesses and dreaM TO LIVe a rOManCe LIKe THIs. OF COUrse I aM One OF THeM . sO I wrOTe a sTOry In wHICH a GIrL COULd LIVe In a wOrLd OF IMaGInaTIOn by readInG IT and sHe wOULd enJOy readInG eaCH wOrd and eaCH paraGrapH. a LOnG TIMe aGO wHen prInCes and prInCesses exIsTed , THere was a LITTLe 12 years OLd prInCe, wHO HaTed aLL adULTs.
  2. 2. THIs was beCaUse HIs MOTHer and FaTHer neVer TaLKed TO HIM and dIdn’T eVen send Cards TO HIM. One day wHen He wenT On HIs daILy TrIp He FOUnd a GIrL sInKInG. He resCUed Her. sHe was a bLaCK HaIred GIrL ,wITH LIGHT Green eyes, a Very LIGHT COLOred sKIn and Her LIps were OF an InTense red COLOr . THe GIrL seeMed bIGGer THan HIM . He sTayed a MOMenT LOOKInG aT THe beaUTy OF THaT GIrL. wHen sHe wOKe Up ,sHe saw THe bOy’s FaCe TOO CLOse TO Hers ,sTarInG aT Her In a way THaT Made Her bLUsH and sCreaM. sHe was sO sCared UnTIL MeI dI ,a Very KInd wOMan, saw Her and wenT TO TaLK TO Her FOr a wHILe. . THe LITTLe prInCe IGnOred THe GIrL and wHen THey arrIVed TO THe sHOre He wenT rUnnInG TO THe paLaCe . THe LITTLe prInCe asKed MeI dI TO
  3. 3. GIVe Her a JOb as HIs persOnaL serVanT . MeI dI wenT OUT OF THe rOOM wITH a GrIn On Her FaCe and beGan TO LOOK FOr THe GIrL. wHen sHe FOUnd Her sHe asKed Her TO pUT On a dress THaT was In THe bOx . wHen THe GIrL dressed Up sHe saw HOw sHe LOOKed In THe MIrrOr . Her UnIFOrM was dIFerenT FrOM THe OTHers . Her dress was a MaId´s dress, IT was pInK wITH a bIG rIbbOn On THe baCK and One On Her HaIr. wHen sHe FInIsHed GeTTInG dressed sHe wenT TO Hers MasTer’s rOOM TO THanK HIM FOr GIVInG Her a JOb .sHe saw THe LITTLe CHILd sLeepInG On THe sOFa wITH a bOOK In HIs Hands. THe LITTLe bOy was bLOnd and HIs FaCe LOOKed LIKe an anGeL´s FaCe. ,sHe apprOaCHed HIM wITH a LITTLe GrIn On Her FaCe ,and KIssed THe LITTLe bOy’s FOreHead . wHen sHe saT by THe bOy sHe saw a Tear rUnnInG dOwn HIs CHeeK .sHe drIed Up HIs FaCe and He TOOK Her Hand as He Opened HIs LIGHT bLUe eyes. He asKed Her, “wHaT are yOU dOInG Here?” sHe IGnOred HIs QUesTIOn and asKed HIM
  4. 4. “wHy were yOU CryInG”. He braVeLy TUrned HIs FaCe and LeT THe GIrL’s Hand Free. “IT dOesn’T COnCern yOU”He answered.”sOrry FOr asKInG yOU LIKe THIs , weLL neVerMInd My naMe Is HarUHI . I’LL LeaVe yOU In an InsTanT. “ sOrry FOr dIsTUrbInG yOU “,sHe saId as sHe wenT waLKInG TO THe dOOr .He TOOK Her Hand and saId wITH Tears In HIs eyes and wITH a LOw VOICe “pLease , dOn’T LeaVe Me aLOne , HarUHI”. sHe sTared aT THe LITTLes prInCe’s FaCe , as sHe wenT TO HUG HIM sHe saId “ eyeryTHInG wILL be OK , I wILL sTay by yOUr sIde FOreVer. (He HUGGed Her wITH a LOT OF sTrenGTH as He CrIed.) wHen He CaLMed dOwn He TOLd Her “THe reasOn I was CryInG Is THaT nOOne Cares abOUT Me , nOT eVen My MOM and dad.” sHe TOOK HIs LITTLe FInGer In Her Own FInGers., wHen sHe was FaCe TO FaCe wITH HIM sHe saId” I wILL neVer LeaVe yOU aLOne”.( a bIG GrIn expanded sLOwLy On THe CHILd’s FaCe .) He TOLd Her”CaLL Me rUI , pLease HarUHI”. “OK!!!! “, sHe answered HappILy.”HOw OLd are yOU HarUHI?” He asKed CUrIOUsLy.sHe bLUsHed and answered “ I aM 15 years OLd and yOU?” He LaUGHed a LITLLe and answered “I aM 12 years
  5. 5. OLd”. sInCe THaT MOMenT bOTH beCaMe GreaT FrIends. THey pLayed dIFFerenT GaMes eVery day. bUT wHen HarUHI’s bIrTHday CaMe THe prObLeMs beGan. THaT day a Very TaLL bLOnd HaIred bOy wITH LIGHT Green eyes CaMe TO THe paLaCe LOOKInG FOr HarUHI . wHen sHe saw HIM sHe JUMped Up InTO THe bOy’s arMs TO HUG HIM sayInG “Ken yOU CaMe FOr Me!” rUI JUsT sTayed THere wITH a sad FaCe and saId”sOrry I need TO GO , I aM bUsy. Happy bIrTHday,HarUHI”(rUI ran OUT OF THe rOOM).Ken IGnOred rUI and HUGGed HarUHI and saId” HarUHI I FInaLLy FOUnd yOU. I HaVe been LOOKInG FOr yOU eVer sInCe I Knew yOUr bOaT sInKed,IM sO Happy TO see yOU aGaIn. nOw we Can GeT MarrIed”(HarUHI Made a sUrprIsed FaCe) HarUHI UndId Ken’s HUG and saId “ sOrry Ken ,bUT I HaVe FaLLen In LOVe wITH sOMeOne eLse ,pLease reTUrn TO OUr KInGdOM and TeLL
  6. 6. My FaTHer I aM FIne”. Ken beGan TO Cry deepLy and saId “I saw yOU CHanGed Me FOr a LITTLe bOy , bUT dOn’T THInK I wILL GIVe Up LIKe THIs HarUHI I HaVe aLways LOVed yOU and I dOn’T wanT TO GIVe yOU TO nObOdy eLse.” Ken wenT rUnnInG “IT’s THe wOrsT bIrTHday I COULd eVer HaVe Had”HarUHI saId.(MeI dI enTered and saId TO HarUHI)” Hey yOU LITTLe HOney , pLease GO and TaLK TO rUI. wHen I saw HIM He was CryInG deepLy and yeLLInG yOUr naMe.” HarUHI ran as FasT as sHe COULd UnTIL sHe GOT TO rUI’s rOOM.”Hey rUI wHy are yOU CryInG LIKe THaT, wHaT Happened?!?”HarUHI asKed. rUI TUrned HIs FaCe TOward HarUHI and saId” dOn’T aCT LIKe IF yOU dOn’T KnOw yOU HaVe brOKen My HearT, TeLL Me wHaT dOes He HaVe THaT I dOn’T , I dOn’T UndersTand ”HarUHI GOT CLOser TO rUI and sTayed by HIs sIde and saId” wHaT are yOU TaLKInG abOUT? wHaT dO yOU Mean by sayInG I brOKe yOUr HearT. ”rUI KIssed HarUHI as He bLUsHed and saId”dOn’T yOU see I HaVe LOVed yOU sInCe I MeT yOU “ HarUHI
  7. 7. bLUsHed and answered “rUI , I wILL TeLL yOU THe TrUTH. I aM nOT JUsT a sIMpLe GIrL. I aM THe prInCess OF aUsTraLIa and wHen I was LITTLe My FaTHer and Ken’s FaTHer Made THe deCIsIOn OF MarryInG bOTH OF Us wHen we Grew Up , Ken LIKed THe Idea bUT I JUsT LIKed HIM as a FrIend ,wHen IT was Ken’s MOTHer’s bIrTHday I was GOInG TO FranCe bUT My bOaT sanK and I was THe OnLy sUrVIVOr. IF and THen I wOULd HaVe MeT yOU.” “rUI TOOK HarUHI’s Hand In HIs and asKed Her, ”dO yOU LOVe Me , HarUHI?”. HarUHI LOOKed aT THaT anGeLICaL FaCe sHe Had In FrOnT OF Her and wITH a bIG GrIn sHe answered”I dO LOVe yOU wITH aLL My HearT , rUI” rUI KIssed HarUHI’s CHeeK and saId TO Her” wHen we GrOw Up LeT´s GeT MarrIed,HarUHI” HarUHI answered wITH a bIG GrIn “OK, My LOVeLy bOy.” HarUHI and rUI LOVed eaCH OTHer MOre THan anyOne eLse On earTH ,HarUHI MeT rUI’s MOTHer and FaTHer and THey LOVed Her .wHen HarUHI
  8. 8. was 19 years OLd and rUI 16 THey deCIded TO GeT MarrIed . wHen THe day OF THe weddInG arrIVed HarUHI LOOKed CUTe wITH a wHITe dress FULL OF rOses and rUI LOOKed preTTy wITH HIs wHITe sMOKInG. THey were sO Happy THInKInG THaT FInaLLy THey wOULd GeT MarrIed and be TOGeTHer FOreVer, bUT Ken arrIVed TO THe CHUrCH and saId” I wILL nOT LeT HarUHI Marry THIs Man. sHe sHOULd nOT Marry anyOne eLse bUT Me. He ran TO rUI and HIT HIs FaCe. rUI FOUGHT TOO. HarUHI was sO sCared THaT sHe COULd nOT say a wOrd .rUI wOn THe FIGHT bUT Ken was FULL OF InJUrIes and HarUHI GOT CLOse TO HIM and saId” sOrry Ken ,bUT I dOn’T LOVe yOU , I LOVe rUI wITH aLL My HearT and yOU Can’T CHanGe THaT” . Ken LOOKed aT HarUHI and saId TO Her”HarUHI yOU KnOw I LOVe yOU and I wILL nOT be abLe TO CHanGe THaT FeeLInG bUT I wanT yOU TO be Happy sO I wILL LeaVe My FeeLInGs asIde and LeT yOU be Free TO CHOOse THe Man yOU wanT.(Ken sTOOF Up and wenT OUT OF THe CHUrCH).
  9. 9. wHen THe weddInG was OVer THey LIVed HappILy eVer aFTer bUT HarUHI sTILL asKed HerseLF IF sHe wOULd see Ken aGaIn. by : eVeLyn yanneTT nOVaK aGUILar 6-C