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Mycology madness! creativity assignment #2


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Mycology madness! creativity assignment #2 of 1bread idea team #crashcreativity course

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Mycology madness! creativity assignment #2

  1. 1. BREADWhat is it good for?
  2. 2. Bread makes you think of:● Dipping● Spreading● Slicing● Toasting● EATING
  3. 3. Normally when someone has a loaf of bread,the goal is to eat it before it goes bad....if itdoes, we throw it out.Bread can go bad pretty quickly. Why?Because its a perfect habitat for mold!
  4. 4. Introducing.....
  5. 5. KIDS LOVE IT!
  6. 6. Mycology Madness! Your very own starter kit for an exciting mold garden! See what YOU can grow....