China blames Internet outage on hacking attack
China blames Internet outage on hacking attack | PCWorld
Tuesday"s Internet...
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China blames Internet outage on hacking attack


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China blames Internet outage on hacking attack | PCWorldTuesday"s Internet outage in China is dividi...

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China blames Internet outage on hacking attack

  1. 1. China blames Internet outage on hacking attack China blames Internet outage on hacking attack | PCWorld Tuesday"s Internet outage in China is dividing experts over what caused the networking error, with authorities calling it a hacking attack, and others blaming it on the country"s censorship systems. The outage briefly crippled the Internet in China, with many local websites inaccessible to users. User traffic was mysteriously redirected to a U.S.-based IP address belonging to a company that has hosted software capable of circumventing China"s online censorship. The networking error, which only lasted a few hours, affected at least two-thirds of China"s websites, according to Qihoo 360, a software security vendor in the country. On Wednesday, local authorities said a preliminary investigation found that a hacking attack caused the outage. China"s National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team is continuing to investigate the matter. On the same day, China"s state-controlled Xinhua News Agency published a story quoting security experts whodemanded authorities do more to protect the nation"s Internet infrastructure. Others experts, however, believe the error may have been caused by a glitch in China"s notorious censorship systems, also known as "The Great Firewall." China routinely blocks sites with content critical of the nation"s government, including Facebook, Twitter, and The New York Times. Tuesday"s Internet outage, however, rerouted traffic to an IP address belonging to Dynamic Internet Technology, a U.S. company whose site is also blocked by authorities. DIT could not be reached immediately for comment. Don't waste any opportunities to see the results you crave.Given that you are not alone in the social media planet, people want to know why you and not your competitors. It really is fairly straightforward to copy somebody or make claims that you can not reside up to, but testing out a couple of innovative ideas right here and there is also not too challenging. You'll uncover that your campaign will carry out better when it really is injected with your creativity. You do not have to be revolutionary with almost everything because it is challenging to do and not necessary. Remember that if your audience knows you and looks forward to your content, then that will be a powerful force for you.Social websites are platforms exactly where you require to engage with your target audience, and how you do this is utmost crucial. Along with constructing relationships, you will naturally promote your provides through your internet sites. Of course you have offers to market, but keep in mind that this is all just preselling your internet site. You can not do the same items at all social sites, and that just means the approaches are different. The complete aim right here is to attempt and use social media in the ideal feasible manner.Like all other types of marketing and advertising, you can generate low or high good quality marketing and advertising materials. One particular thing is you can drive insane amounts of visitors to your site, but it will mean nothing at all if your web site content material is not up to the process. If possible, do some reading so you can get a solid thought about every website you deal with. Not only that, but realizing the issues and concerns facing your readers is of paramount importance. Something significantly less than that, and you are risking it all simply because you can miss the mark. Your on the web business can get some critical exposure making use of social media. Your on the internet
  2. 2. company will have an clear improvement as soon as you see how social media can support. Becoming constant will assist, but this will not take place overnight. While it could not look tough right now, if you do not get operating on it, it will be a steeper hill to climb. Your strategy to social media will say a lot about you and your company. Be sure not to spam any person and be wise about your other decisions and see how social media will help your company.But the company"s clients include The Epoch Times, a publication banned in China. It also hosts Freegate software that can help Chinese Internet users view sites blocked in the country. Some are speculating that hackers hijacked a root DNS (Domain Name System) server in China to reroute all user traffic, said, a group that monitors China"s Internet and opposes the nation"s censorship. But in a Wednesday posting, dismissed such claims, noting that a public DNS server operated by Google had also been affected by the networking error. During the outage, users trying to access the Google DNS server from China were also rerouted to the IP address from Dynamic Internet Technology. "Some are suggesting Dynamic Internet Technology is behind the outage. However, hacking into a root DNS resolver is not enough to cause this outage," the group said. "They have to hack into GFW (The Great Firewall)." Instead, authorities may have tried to block DIT"s IP address, but accidentally ended up rerouting all the nation"s traffic to the address, the group added.