Teenage pregnancy (2)


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Teenage pregnancy (2)

  1. 1. ` 7
  2. 2. Teenage pregnancy is highest in the United States at the rate of 45 cases out of 1000 births or 750,000 teen pregnancies a year. Teens as young as 13 are already sexually active.
  3. 3. Each Year, Half a Million Teens Give Birth In 1996, just over one-half of teen pregnancies to girls aged 15-19 ended in birth, about one-third ended in abortion, and 14 percent ended in miscarriage. birth 56% 124,700 miscarriage 14% 491,577 263,890 abortion 30% The Alan Guttmacher Institute. (1999). Special report: U.S. teenage pregnancy statistics with comparative statistics for women aged 20-24. New York: Author.
  4. 4. Thailand has the second highest rate of teen pregnancy at 120,000. There are 200,000 unwanted babies annually. 400,000 Thai women undergo abortions every year. UNICEF has placed Thailand on top of the list for teen pregnancies in Asia. A survey in 2010 showed that out of 760,000 born, 411,000 died which means that a number of mothers decided for abortion.
  5. 5. Causes of Teen Pregnancy 1. Early marriage 2. Adolescent sexual behaviour alcohol and drugs 3.Lack of sex education 4.Peer pressure 5. Sexual abuse - rape 6. Poverty 7. Exposure to abuse, violence and family strife at home 8. Low self esteem/ Desperation 9. Low educational ambitions and goals 10. Media, social networks
  6. 6. Impacts Psychosocial The Mother A teen mother is more likely to: • drop out of school • have no or low qualifications • be unemployed or low-paid • live in poor housing conditions • suffer from depression which may result in suicide • live on welfare • Single parenthood
  8. 8. Psychological risk >Depression >Anger >Post partum blues >Hatred towards the baby and father of baby >child abuse
  9. 9. Impacts Psychosocial The Child The child of a teen mother is more likely to: 1) live in poverty 2) grow up without a father 3) become a victim of neglect or abuse 4) do less well at school 5) become involved in crime 6) abuse drugs and alcohol 7) eventually become a teenage parent and begin the cycle all over again 8) Emotionally disturbed, may show abnormalities because of the mother’s negative feelings during pregnancy
  10. 10. SOCIAL RISKS 1) Rejection by the community 2) Rejection by the family 3) Denial of pregnancy by the male culprit 4) Lack of social support at delivery and early post partum period 5) Abortion
  11. 11. Medical Impact 1) Research indicates that pregnant teens are less likely to receive prenatal care, often seeking it only in the third trimester, if at all. 2) As a result of insufficient prenatal care, the global incidence of premature births and low birth weight is higher amongst teenage mothers. 3) Risks for medical complications are greater for girls 14 years of age and younger, as an underdeveloped pelvis can lead to difficulties in childbirth.
  12. 12. · Young women under 20 face a higher risk of obstructed labour, which if Caesarean section is not available can cause an obstetric fistula, a tear in the birth canal that creates leakage of urine and/or faeces. At least 2 million of the world’s poorest women live with fistulas. · Complications during pregnancy and delivery are the leading causes of death for girls aged 15 to 19 in developing countries. They are twice as likely to die in childbirth as women in their 20s. · Teenage girls account for 14% of the estimated 20 million unsafe abortions performed each year, which result in some 68,000 deaths
  13. 13. As a result of unprotected sex, young people are also at risk of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV infection. · The highest rates of STIs worldwide are among young people aged 15 to 24. Some 500,000 become infected daily (excluding HIV). · Two in five new HIV infections globally occur in young people aged 15 to 24.
  14. 14. HOW TO PREVENT TEENAGE PREGNANCY 1) ABSTINENCE > This is when a person decides not to have sex until he/she is married > This is still the best way to avoid unwanted pregnancy.  Some people say everyone is doing it: Which accounts for all the misery that single parents, neglected and abandoned children have today  Boys: Do not force a girl to have sex with you just to prove that she loves you. Even fathers of aborted children experience guilt, too.  Girls: A boy who wants you to prove your love for him through sex does not really love you or respect you and is not a responsible person.
  15. 15. IF YOU CHOOSE ABSTINENCE, THESE ARE OTHER STEPS THAT CAN PROTECT YOU A) CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS CAREFULLY  Hang around with sensible people, not people who have a bad influence on you like those who bring you to bars, encourage you to engage in vices, see bad movies, etc. B) BEWARE OF SITUATIONS WHERE A GROUP OF FRIENDS DANCE, DRINK OR TAKE DRUGS THAT CAN LEAD TO UNSAFE SEX > Intoxication distorts your sensible decision making, takes away your inhibitions and can make you totally unconscious which may make you a victim of date rape
  16. 16. C) AVOID WATCHING TV SERIES OR MOVIES THAT MAKE YOU EMOTIONAL > The theme of most movies today are love stories that only portray the emotional side of a relationship. Ex.: A rich girl falls in love with a not-sorich guy. Of course, the parents do not approve of the relationship so they elope. The parents are portrayed to be the villains or the anti-heroes while the lovers are the heroes. This kind of show can distort the decision making of young people. Another example: Boy meets girl, they have a conversation and the next scene is a bed scene after a few hours. If young people see this very often they will think that this is how it should be done which is entirely unwise or very dangerous.
  17. 17. D) AVOID MOVIES WITH SEX THEMES  The media is to be blamed for so many ruined lives today.  Movies, TV drama series portray sex as a very spontaneous matter. It kind of just happens which should not be.  Also the media portrays sex as just another form of entertainment or amusement. Some young people do not realize that playing with it will bring them a life in which they cannot develop to their full potential > Pornography portrays a distorted view of women as just toys or play things they can manipulate as they wish. Students who view porn study less thus academic performance is not as it should be
  18. 18. 1 D) LISTEN TO, APPRECIATE AND DO NOT RESENT THE ADVICE OF YOUR PARENTS, TEACHERS OR OTHER ADULTS ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIPS  For some teenagers, when they get to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, it becomes “you and me against the world.”  If your parents put restrictions on you, it does not mean that they want you to suffer or to live a boring life. They just want the best for you and they want to protect you.
  19. 19. E) HAVE A VISION FOR YOUR FUTURE  Aim high: Aim to be somebody someday, aim to have a fulfilling job, marry an accomplished person, to buy a beautiful house, a cool car, bring your kids to the best schools and get the coolest degrees. F) STUDY HARD  Achieve according to your ability or try to improve your ability. This will keep you busy.  Some people are underachievers. The perform below the level of their ability. Maybe they are not focused enough or not ambitious enough
  20. 20. G) HAVE VALUE SYSTEM WHETHER RELIGIOUS OR MORAL  Most young people do not have principles or standards that will guide them in their lives  Make a decision to do what is right and you will reap the benefits in the future  Do not be like a dead fish that goes with the current. Be like a fish that is alive that can swim against the current H) DRESS DECENTLY  Women use sex to get love and men use love to get sex  Women dress indecently to catch the attention of men. Men play the game and pretend to love the girl sincerely but the real motive is to get her to have sex with him.
  21. 21. I) DATING A) When dating, make sure you have a chaperon or company. Do not go alone as a couple B) Engage in activities like sports, going to the gym, hiking, biking or going to the carnival. Dates should be well-planned and there should be a time limit. These date should allow you to know each other like what is his/her reaction to an unpleasant situation C) Avoid dinner dates and picnics in which all you do is talk and talk. When you run out of topic, that is the time when it becomes physical and sexual.