White Horse Digital - Who We Are


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A presentation summing up who we are and what we do.

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White Horse Digital - Who We Are

  1. 1. The Art of Conversation in a Digital World<br />A presentation by White Horse Digital<br />
  2. 2. About Us<br />We don’t like pigeon-holes. Our ethos is to help our clients achieve their business objectives by using a combination of techniques – social, digital marketing & PR. <br />What we do is simple. We get our clients engaged with their audiences, in all the right ways, across multiple touch points. We bring people together.<br />We make sure they look and sound good, build up their profile and credibility and create communication strategies that help them grow their business, in all sorts of ways.<br />
  3. 3. Where We Came From<br />A digital background, agency and client-side. <br />We have experience across the B2B & B2C sectors – travel & leisure, finance, luxury goods, publishing, technology.<br />We have worked with large, global brands (Cunard, SITA, Stagecoach, Credit Suisse) as well as in-house (SITA, Superbreak) and more specialist & niche outfits.<br />We are sociable bunnies by nature. We love people, we love talking, and we love the internet. Not to be under-estimated in this line of work!<br />
  4. 4. What This Means for Our Clients<br />We have the benefit of big-brand experience, but being small and independent allows us to provide a brilliant, personal and flexible service. <br />No large agency fees, or difficulty in getting hold of the right person. We’ll answer the phone every time and do whatever it it takes to make our clients happy.<br />
  5. 5. What We Do<br />
  6. 6. Our Services<br />Our core service is to use social, digital and PR to help our clients drive forward our business. We call it being a ‘social’ catalyst. We listen, we get to know them, and then we deliver a coherent and strategic plan that achieves great things.<br />If you are looking for a list , here are some of the things we can do:<br />Blogs– Google loves WordPress sites, and we do too. We are a bit of a dab hand with WP and can build a range of slick and beautiful sites that are SEO friendly and content-rich.<br />Social media – Yes, we know the term is currently over-used, but we do understand how to use social media to make a difference to your business. Not just send the odd tweet out, but incorporating it into your overall marketing plan.<br />
  7. 7. Our Services<br />‘Special projects’. We know a lot about a wide range of digital stuff. You can use us an extension of your team for one-off projects that you need help with.<br />Campaigns. We can come up with neat messaging and creative campaigns to deliver you results. We can use a combination of creative, email & social to engage people and get results.<br />Copywriting. For press releases, for blogs, for websites, for SEO. We understand what is needed to make great, and searchable digital content.<br />
  8. 8. Our Services<br />PR. Writing press releases, getting them to the right people, making sure they will drive traffic to your website and monitoring them.<br />SEO and PPC. We understand the way Google works, and can set up an manage SEO and PPC campaigns on your behalf, as well as interpret, feedback and report the results.<br />
  9. 9. Our approach<br />
  10. 10. How We Approach It<br />Whatever the piece of work, we will approach it in the same way. We’ll listen to you, ask (a lot) of questions, think thoroughly and agree a plan of action with you, before doing anything.<br />With the right plan in place, we’ll pick the right mix of tools and technologies to help us deliver it. And, we’ll commit to regular feedback & monitoring, as often as you like.<br />We won’t just email you reams of reports. We’ll only provide the stats you need, alongside our own insights and findings.<br />
  11. 11. Cost & Engagement Structure<br />We don’t lock you in to any lengthy contracts <br />We believe that a three-month plan is appropriate for social media services<br />All other projects will be charged on a fixed-fee basis<br />
  12. 12. Get in touch!Ruth Hoskins<br />ruth@whitehorsedigital.co.uk<br />+(44) 7968 097049 or (0)1904 639101 or Skype: ruth.hoskins76<br />www.whitehorsedigital.co.uk<br />@whdigital and @ayorkshireheart<br />