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Animal henyo ppt


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Animal henyo ppt

  1. 1. Game Objectives Game Mechanics Play the game Countdown Timer
  2. 2. Game ObjectivesTo guess as many mystery words from the list in 1 minute or less. Home Page
  3. 3. Game Mechanics1. The group will consist of 2 members: the one who will guess the word, and the other who will respond to the guesser.2. The guesser will be blindfolded; furthermore, the group must sit at least two feet away from each other to avoid cheating. Next
  4. 4. 3. The mystery word will be postedon the board.4. The one who will respond mustonly say: YES, NO, and MAYBE.There will be no other words toanswer, or else 5 seconds will beadded to their finished time. Next
  5. 5. If the guesser is having a hard timewith the mystery word, he can say,PASS. A new word will then beposted.5. The timer will start automaticallyafter the word is seen. Next
  6. 6. 6. When the group finally guessesall the mystery words, recorder willnote the group’s time. If they havedeductions, it would be added totheir end time. The computed endtime and the number of words thatthey have guessed would be thefinal result. Next
  7. 7. 7. The group that finishes with themost number of words from the listwith the least time will be declared thewinner. Next
  8. 8. Countdown TimerCountdown timer link: OiMEHEGPc&feature=related Home Page
  9. 9. Let’s play!!! Home Page Timer