Epq assembly


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Epq assembly

  1. 1. Extended Project Qualification
  2. 2.  Single piece of work of your choice: Report Dissertation Artefact Performance A2 standard work
  3. 3.  Anything! It could be an extension of a topic that you find interesting from one of your AS subjects. It could be a hobby that you want to research further. It could be linked to your university course choice
  4. 4.  Is the media to blame for a negative body image? Music and meaning Electoral systems in the UK and Germany The evolution of women’s fashion Was Napoleon a hero or a tyrant? A review of renewable energy and its possibilities in 2011 The funding of Hospices in the UK Who was Martin Luther and what was his impact on Society through to today? A short film based on research of other short films, techniques and approaches
  5. 5.  Introduction Taught elements Coordinator Supervisor Key dates Consult specialists
  6. 6.  Build up a ‘tool kit’ of skills such as: Research, planning, presentation, communication etc… Prepare for university/employment Broadest appeal of all educational reforms to university admissions tutors What do universities think about EPQ? A* = 70 UCAS Points B = 60 UCAS Points C = 50 UCAS Points D = 40 UCAS Points E = 20 UCAS Points
  7. 7.  Have you got a strong interest in a particular area? Are you able to work independently? Have you got strong research and analytical skills....and are keen to develop these? Are you a committed and organised student? If you answered YES to all these questions then......the EPQ is for you! If you answered NO to one of these questions then the EPQ is probably not for you.
  8. 8.  Think about what you could do Take a research booklet and complete over the summer Detailed bibliography and literature review Bring this back to your week 6 interview and show your interviewer www.aqa.org/projects