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A2 media studies evaluation


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A2 media studies evaluation

  1. 1. A2 Media studies evaluation Music promotional package Ruth Heffernan
  2. 2. How did you use new media technologies in theconstruction and research, planning and evaluation stages?Apple MacsThroughout our whole project we used the Apple Macs. We chose to usethese, as they not only have a lot more programmes on but they allow usto use software that can’t be used on a normal Microsoft computer.The program that we mainly used was called iMovie. This allowed us toupload of our videos directly from our camera straight onto the computer.Once our footage had been uploaded, we were able to edit and cut ourclips to help us to develop a music video.
  3. 3. iMovie allowed us to change the colouring of clips for e.g. we chose of musicvideo to be in black and white which was achievable on this program, by eitherreducing the saturation to 0% or pressing the black and white button under clipadjustments. We were also able to get rid of the sound on our clips as thissound wasn’t at the same tempo as our song. To do this we hovered over theclip we wanted to edit, and then clicked the blue arrow that appeared andclicked on video adjustments. We were then able to reduce the sound to 0%and put the ducking up to 17%. We chose 17% as this meant that oursoundtrack wasn’t too loud but at the same time it wasn’t too quiet.
  4. 4. For our music video, we decided during our planning that we wanted to havea split screen within our video. For this to be successful we need the use ofthe programme Final cut express. This software allowed to import our clipsfrom iMovie. However to do this we had to first save them as a new projectand export them from iMovie to allow them to be exported and then importedonto final cut express. From the image below your can see that import isunder file and this is also an example of what final cut express looks like.
  5. 5. Below is an example of where the imported clips can be placed and orderedinto a sequence.The screen below is where we could see the changes that we had made.This is the screen that allowed us to see our split screen in action. Thisscreen is one if two and was shown on the right of our screen.
  6. 6. This is the second screen, where we were able to make the alterations toour clip for e.g. changing the length. We were able to see our clip playinghere but not the whole clip as a whole. We could only see the clip we wereediting.Below is an example of our split screen.
  7. 7. CeltxThis is the programme that allowed us to construct our storyboard. Thiswas vital for when we started our filming as it showed what shot was beingused at each part of the song. We took our own images and put theminto a storyboard, which also included the length of each shot, which lyricsare used and what particular shot was being used. Overall, we stuck toour storyboard, apart from a few alterations we may have made whilstfilming.
  8. 8. BloggerThroughout this whole project I have updated my blog at regular intervals toshow my progress. This was mainly used to show my planning as this was abig bulk of the coursework. However, it also allowed me to post up our musicvideo , digipak and poster. This allowed me to view my own progress and seeany mistakes that I had made so I could correct them. Internet The internet contributed in my planning a lot, as it allowed me to view existing indie videos, CD covers (digipaks) and band posters, which helped to develop my knowledge on the generic conventions on the indie genre as this was our chosen genre. The main sites that I used were Google, slideshare, blogger, facebook and youtube. I used Google to help me research existing digipaks and posters to help me in not only making my own but developing my knowledge within the genre.
  9. 9. I used slide share mainly when transferring PowerPoints onto my blog suchas the PowerPoint I made on the generic conventions of the indie genre.Below is an example from my blog of my use of slide share.I used facebook to help me to receive audience feedback on my video bysending my video out in a message to friends and family. It is also helpedus to communicate with our band members.
  10. 10. I used youtube a lot when doing my planning, as not only did we need toanalyse music videos, but I needed it to help me to learn the genericconventions of a typical indie genre, which helped in the planning and makingof my own. Below is a link to an example of one of the many videos that Iwatched within the indie genre. For our music video, it was necessary to convert our song, which was from youtube into a file that accessible to allow us to import it into iMovie so that we could use it for our music video. We did this by using this website:
  11. 11. Filming, Digipak and poster equipment-Video camera – Used for filming The footage needed for my music video-Tripod – Needed to help keep the video camera steady and straight whilstfilming-Camera – Used to take photos of the band for use on the digipak and theposter-IPod and IPod speakers – Used when in rural location to allow the band tolisten to the soundtrack whilst filming-Lighting – Needed when taking photos for the digipak and the poster toensure that the photos were the best that they could be.
  12. 12. PhotoshopThe was used mainly when editing the photos we had taken for our digipakand poster to make them look better. We Removed the saturation to makethe photos black and white to match the video and made only thepictures/logos on their tops in colour and we thought that this lookedeffective and went with the style and genre of the music. Below is thephoto that we used on out digipak and poster.
  13. 13. Scanners and PrintersDuring our planning these were quite vital, as not only did they allow to print offour drafts for our digipaks and posters, so we knew what needed improving, butit also allowed us to scan our planning onto the computer so that we couldupload them to our blogs to use as evidence of our planning. We also used theprinter to print off various copies of our storyboard, so each member of our grouphad a copy to refer to when filming. We also printed off the lyrics, which we hadtyped, so that we annotate them, to try and interpret different meanings to thelyrics, which would help us when planning what was going to happen in ourmusic video.
  14. 14. Mobile PhonesThese were vital in the communication of our group. Mobile phones were theeasiest way for us to keep in contact and arrange dates and times to meet upfor filming.
  15. 15. In what ways do your media products use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?In the first phase of our planning and research we worked on the textualanalysis of 5 music videos in the genre that we were planning to use, whichin our case was the indie genre. This was in order to help us to develop ourknowledge of the generic codes and conventions of the genre we wereinterested in using for our own music video. From watching and writingtextual analysis’ of these videos, we were able to take note of parts of theparts that we liked, so that we could incorporate what we liked into ourquestionnaire to find out whether our target audience would also like it. Wealso did this so we could incorporate some of the same shots, edits andlighting into our own music video. After we finished our research we decidedthat for our own video we were going to link the lyrics with the visuals as thiswas very generic to the indie genre, so we decided to conform to thisconvention.
  16. 16. From our research we found that mid shots are commonly used within theindie genre, which allows the artist to be the main focus, as they are lookinginto the camera, creating a connection with the audience. Throughout ourvideo we used a lot of mid shots. This uses the codes and conventions fromreal media products as we thought that this looked the best. Our production The Kooks - Naive
  17. 17. We also used a lot of mid/long shots throughout the video as this enabledthe viewer to see not only the character but their surroundings also. Our production The Kooks - Naive
  18. 18. Below is examples of the uses of long shots in Indie music videos, which asyou can see are frequent and generic to this genre. These clips show that ourvideo uses the codes and conventions of real media products Our production Arctic monkeys – when the sun goes down The Foals – Spanish Sahara Kings of Leon – Sex on fire
  19. 19. Split Screens – We decided to use a split screen in our video, as we thought that it helped our video to look more interesting and from our research, we found that this wasgeneric to the indie genre, so we decided to conform to this convention, as we felt that it’s something that the audience wouldn’t be expecting, so it helps to keep their focus. Oasis - Wonderwall Our production
  20. 20. Mise en scene and location – outside places such as streets and parks andgeneric to the Indie genre, due to their simplicity. As you can see that we have chosen to use the codes and conventions of real media products. Arctic Monkeys – When the sun goes down Our production Oasis - Wonderwall
  21. 21. Performance – We have chosen to challenge the codes and conventions of real media products when it came to performance, because not only did we feel this looked better, but it was more convenient and we didn’t have the correct equipment for the performance part of our video to follow the codes and conventions of real media products. Instead of doing our performance outside, we chose to use the drama studio, with proper musical equipment, which helped to establish the bands image. Oasis – Don’t look back in anger Our production The kooks – She moves in her own way
  22. 22. Props –The three main props that we used were guitar, drums and microphone, whichfrom our research are generic to the Indie genre. We chose to the follow the codes and conventions of real media products as we thought that not only the appearance of the band was important but we thought that it would help to promote and improve their popularity.
  23. 23. EditsFrom our research we found that straight cuts are generic to the indie genreand they tend to go with the rhythm and pace of the songs, which contributesto the continuity of the song. We decided to conform to this convention, I thinkthat it helped the audience to follow and understand the video better, as wellas keeping them interested.
  24. 24. Ancillary TextsWe also did a similar thing for our ancillary task. We did 5 textual analysis’of a CD front cover/back cover and the inside inlay left and right. This againhelped to develop our knowledge of the generic codes and conventions of adigipak, which helped us in developing our own in the same genre. Beloware a few examples of the CD’s we chose to analyse.
  25. 25. From our research, we found that a lot of people within the indie genre havean image of either the artist of band on the front cover or of unusualimages, which tended to be for the more known artists/groups. Whenresearch band covers we found that a lot of indie bands present a dominatingphoto for their album front cover, showing them as a strong collective, with agood inter band relationship. The overall style tends to be simple, which theaudience to focus actually on the band. This also helps the band to create aconnection with the audience. We decided to conform to the convention ofhaving a band image presented on the front of the album. It presents our bandas a strong collective, which the audience can easily focus on.
  26. 26. From my research the inlay of the CD digipak, usually has a certaintheme, that matches the colours throughout the album. The colours all seemto be similar. We decided to conform to this convention. Below is an exampleof the Florence and the machine album ‘Lungs’ inlay and an example of ourown. As you can see the colours follow through and are similar to the coloursof the rest of the album. We decided to conform to this convention as wethought that it was important to have a certain colour throughout, so that ouraudience were able to recognise that our digipak was promoting our video.Our inlay is in black and white, to match our video and poster. We chose touse images of the band, as their image is very important in promoting theirmusic.
  27. 27. The back cover of the CD digipak, usually just lists the track names, withsometimes and image, but from the majority of the ones we researched, the backcovers tended to be plain. However, on some there is an image which links backto the front cover, for example Florence and the machine ‘lungs’. The back coverto his album, has a sketched picture of some lungs, with the track lists coming offparts of the lungs. As a group we decided to challenge the convention, as weused an image of the band holding up a black board with the tracks written on.We did this because we thought it would make our album more unique, andbecause when researching other digipaks, we found that sometime within theindie genre, their albums tend to be very random. However, we still decided to gowith the overall colour scheme of black and white.
  28. 28. The typography throughout a CD digipak of the indie genre tends to be verysimple and bold, for example the album cover for The Verve ‘Urban hymns’ usesa simple font that is easily readable. We decided to conform to this conventionsby using simple text, written in big letters, that are easily readable, so that areaudience can recognise the album instantly. This simple, block font alsoconnotes a more masculine side to the CD, as our band is male dominated.
  29. 29. From researching and looking at different posters within the indie genre, wefound that the majority of images that are used are the same as the images usedon the CD digipak, or its of an image that links to the album title. We decided toconform to the convention of using the same image on the poster that we usedon our digipak, as we thought it would be easier for our audience to make thelink between the digipak and the poster. We decided to use five star rating at thetime, and quotes from well known music magazines stating their opinions. Thishelps our audience to feel that the band are respected, which helps to persuadeour audience to buy the album.