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Year 12 lesson 1


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Year 12 lesson 1

  1. 1. Welcome to Year 12 Media LO: To understand the requirements of the course To explore the key concept of REPRESENTATION
  2. 2. Year Breakdown 50 % exam 50 % coursework 1st half term Intro to Media concepts and theories, Practical and textual analysis skills JR – Mise en Scene/Sound SH: Camerawork/Editing 3rd half term FOUNDATION PORTFOLIO – THRILLER OPENING SEQUENCE 5th half term JR - TV DRAMA EXAM SH - NEW TECHNOLOGIES EXAM 4th half term JR - TV DRAMA EXAM SH - NEW TECHNOLOGIES EXAM 2nd half term FOUNDATION PORTFOLIO – THRILLER OPENING SEQUENCE
  3. 3. REPRESENTATION “The media do not just offer us a transparent ‘window on the world’ but a mediated version of the world. They don’t just present reality, they re- present it.”
  4. 4. What could these objects represent? • A tie • Sunglasses • High heels • A pen
  5. 5. Media terms • Denotation • Connotation Smart, businessman, sophisticated, educated, wealthy, important…
  6. 6. • What does he do for a living?
  7. 7. Denote? Connote? Mise en scene: Costume Body Language Facial Expression Setting (location)
  8. 8. MISE EN SCENE – ‘Put in scene’ • Everything is chosen by the director – EVERYTHING has meaning and creates the atmosphere and mood to encode messages to be decoded by the audience • C – Costume/makeup • L – lighting • P – Production Design/Space • P – Performance/body language/facial expression • P - Props
  9. 9. Using CLPPP – what do you denote and connote?
  10. 10. Analyse representation of characters • Choose two characters in a clip of your choice using CLPPP analyse how they have been represented • Could look at a tv drama scene or a film trailer
  11. 11. How was mise en scene used to represent different characters? Consider who is more inferior/superior • Write for ten minutes – use your new media terms – denote, connote, production design etc • You will be marked on – spelling and grammar, key media terms, depth of analysis
  12. 12. Mark scheme A B C Below C Media language 7 or more media terms 5 or more 3 or more 2 or less Spelling and grammar Perfect spelling and grammar 1 mistake 2-3 mistakes More than 3 mistakes Analysis Excellent detail – not obvious answers every time (subverting stereotypes) Good detail, sometimes giving unexpected answers Good detail – went for the obvious answer Limited detail
  13. 13. HMK • Bring a picture to next week’s lesson of someone who challenges expectations/stereotypes. • By the end of the lesson: • Take all pictures • Choose most successful, post and explain why in your new blog • Email your new blog address to •
  14. 14. Challenge Using a digital camera take pictures for the following: Boys are tough and aggressive Boys are caring and considerate Carshalton Boys is the top school in London Carshalton Boys is the worse school in London Teenagers are all ASBOs Teenagers are thoughtful and considerate This school is at the cutting edge of digital technology This school is back with the dinosaurs when it comes to technology Teachers are scary Teachers are friendly and approachable CONSIDER YOUR MISE EN SCENE CAREFULLY Post your most successful photo to your blog and explain why