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Open access to legal information

An overview of the range of free - non-subscription - legal materials available on the internet, and the role of the legal information institutes in the Free Access to Law Movement.

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Open access to legal information

  1. 1. Open Access to LegalInformation Ruth Bird, October 2011
  2. 2. What type of legal resources? Law reports of court cases Legislation created by our governments Treaties and agreements between international bodies, eg UN Journal articles
  3. 3. Government legislative sites
  4. 4. Court sites
  5. 5. Individual international organisations, NGOs, etc
  6. 6. Eisil – bringing free sites together
  7. 7. Free Access to Law Movement A collaborative and decentralised initiative More than 900 databases from over 130 countries Support principles of free access to law Cooperation in software development for open standards in legal information management Aims:  Effectiveness of use and re-usability  Sustainable models  Translation in other languages & cross-language retrieval functionalities  Adoption of open standards and metadata schemes for primary materials
  8. 8. Legal Information Institutes Different kinds of LIIs  Universities and Research centres • AustLII, ITTIG, LII (Cornell), HKLII, NZLII  Non-profit Trusts or Foundations or NGOs • BAILII (Trust comprises Courts, Universities, legal profession), SAFLII, Kenya Law reports (non-profit government)  Legal profession, as a professional and public service • CanLII (Law Societies of Canada), Juri Burkina, CyLaw
  9. 9. Some Legal Information Institutes:
  10. 10. One example – WorldLII Single search facility for databases on 14 collaborating Legal Information Institutes, plus other databases are hosted Allows searching of 1165 databases of case law, legislation, treaties, law reform reports and law journals from over 100 jurisdictions
  11. 11.
  12. 12. DOAJ - Open Access Journals – 125 for law
  13. 13. Durham statement: Open access to law school journals
  14. 14. Free scholarly journal repository - SSRN
  15. 15. Oxford Legal Studies Research Paper series
  16. 16. BE Press Legal Repository
  17. 17. Free mark up software for free resources