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Animals in winter


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Animals in winter

  1. 1. Click on each picture in order to read about that animal in winter. Snowshoe rabbit Caribou Brown BearArctic fox Bat Squirrel Frog Arctic wolf Geese Snowy owl Whale Butterfly
  2. 2. Winter is very cold.Snow is on the ground.Animals can’t find food.
  3. 3. Animals can____. UseMigrate Hibernate camouflage
  4. 4. In winter, an Arctic fox’s fur turnswhite to blend in with the snow.Arctic foxes CAMOUFLAGE. Keep Going
  5. 5. In winter, an Arctic wolf’s furturns white to blend in with thesnow. Arctic wolves CAMOUFLAGE. Keep Going
  6. 6. In winter, a snowy owl’s feathersturn white to blend in with the snow.Snowy owls CAMOUFLAGE. Keep Going
  7. 7. In winter, a snowshoe rabbit’s furturns white to blend in with thesnow. Snowshoe rabbitsCAMOUFLAGE. Keep Going
  8. 8. In winter, geese fly south towarmer weather. GeeseMIGRATE. Keep Going
  9. 9. In winter, whales swim south towarmer water. Whales MIGRATE. Keep Going
  10. 10. In winter, caribou travel towarmer places. Caribou MIGRATE. Keep Going
  11. 11. In winter, butterflies fly towarmer places. ButterfliesMIGRATE. Now it’s time for a sorting activity.
  12. 12. In winter, squirrels fall into adeep sleep until spring time.Squirrels HIBERNATE. Keep Going
  13. 13. In winter, some bears fall into adeep sleep until spring time.Some bears HIBERNATE. Keep Going
  14. 14. In winter, bats fall into adeep sleep until spring time.Bats HIBERNATE. Keep Going
  15. 15. In winter, frogs fall into adeep sleep until spring time.Frogs HIBERNATE. Keep Going
  16. 16. Sort the winter animals into the boxes below.