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Research I have collected to help me decide on an institution to publish my own magazine, which I will produce in AS Media Studies.

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  1. 1. Institutions
  2. 2. “ an organisation or company - which could be publicly or privately owned - that produces and/or distributes media products ”
  3. 3. Some Media Institutions… • You will find media institutions wherever you go, they usually own many companies and products. • A few institutions I will be looking at in this presentation will be: - Bauer - Time Inc. - Future Plc - News Corp
  4. 4. Bauer • Bauer are a large European based media company that manages a portfolio of magazines, digital products, radio and TV stations in local markets across the world. • Bauer produce magazines such as Q and Kerrang, this makes them strong contenders for my own magazine because they are experienced with music magazine publishing.
  5. 5. Bauer
  6. 6. Time Inc. • Time Inc. is an American New York-based publishing company. • It publishes over 90 magazines, most notably its namesake, Time. • Other magazines include: - Food & Wine - People - InStyle - Entertainment Weekly - NME - Marie Claire
  7. 7. Time Inc.
  8. 8. Future Plc • Future publishes more than 180 magazines in fields such as video games, technology, automotive, cycling, films and photograhy. • Future is the official magazine company of all three major games console manufacturers. • It is a constituent of the FTSE Fledgling Index.
  9. 9. Future Plc
  10. 10. News Corp • News Corporation (officially trading as News Corp) is an American multinational mass media company, formed as a ‘spin-off’ of the former News Corporation, focusing mainly on newspapers and publishing.
  11. 11. News Corp
  12. 12. Republic of Music • Republic of Music are one of the UK’s leading sales, marketing and distribution companies offering comprehensive and innovative worldwide physical and digital distribution. We • They have worked with the likes of Disclosure, You Me At Six, The Black Keys, M83, Sam Smith, Mazzy Star, Neneh Cherry, William Onyeabor, The Fratellis, Deaf Havana, Moderat, Fatboy Slim and many more. • The Republic of Music works closely with a host of brilliant independent labels to sell, market and distribute their releases and help maximise their sales potential, in the UK and internationally.
  13. 13. Republic of Music
  14. 14. My Decision… • Having looked at quite a few different media institutions, I have decided the one that would suit my magazine the most would be ‘Republic of Music’ • I have chosen them over the others mainly because they publish the magazine ‘Clash’. I imagine my own magazine to be of a similar style, so I think that as they are experienced in a similar style, they would be the best people for the job.