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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports
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  1. 1. BOURNEMOUTH Ruth Méndez Mejía
  2. 2. Location• Bournemouth is located in the South Coast of England in the county of Dorset.
  3. 3. Impotant Places
  4. 4. Bournemouth’s Beach
  5. 5. The Square
  6. 6. Bournemouth is known for having a rich history, cultural development and entertainment.
  7. 7. Upper, Lower andCentral Gardens • Bournemouth’s gardens are famous for its winning award reputation. In the last six years they have won three Britain In Bloom Awards.
  8. 8. Literature References• J.R.R Tolkien spent 30 years taking holidays in Bournemouth at Hotel Miramar, he later retired in the area with his wife and died at his home in 1973.• Mary Shelley is buried with her parents in Peter’s Church, Bournemouth.• Oscar Wilde and Paul Verlaine both taught in Bournemouth preparatory shools.
  9. 9. New Forest
  10. 10. Jurassic Coast