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Le Web 2010


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Summary of Le Web 2010, including videos.

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Le Web 2010

  1. 1. Le Web
  2. 2. This is my personal summary of Le Web 2010. It does notcover all the keynotes. I was typing notes on my iPad andtaking photos with my phone, so I might have missed someinformation. I included videos of the most interesting talks.Please use the comments if I made a mistakes somewhere.- Rutger
  3. 3. Jason Goldman - VP of product Twitter • Goldman is focused on the product, he mainly talked about features and functionalities. • The search for relevance will be an important part of innovations next year. There are so many tweets and tweeps, who to follow and what to read... • The consumption experience is something were going to work on next year. Finding the right people to follow and the right tweets to read is the direction we are looking at. We must do better than the Tweeps to follow functionality. • At the interface level, the new Twitter is the biggest innovation we did in our existence. It gives room for more innovation in the side panel. • Last week we finished integration with Instagram. • At the end of the interview Goldman announced that he was leaving the company. He was there for four years and would still stay on as an advisor to the company. Video on the next
  4. 4. Mike Jones - CEO Myspace • Jones was interviewed by Mike Arrington from TechCrunch who was (rightfully) very critical. The first questions included the words sinking ship. • Jones was pretty realistic about the whole thing and acknowledged that MySpace was in rough water, but believed in the changed strategy they had formulated in the last months would help them. • The new strategy focused solely on (social) entertaiment. Target group is people under 35. The new homepage was launched two weeks ago • MySpace is now the platform for people to connect to their favorite bands, celebrities and TV shows. You cannot friend people anymore and send them notes or pictures, most of the social layer is gone. • Integration with FB connect provides the social layer between friends. Video on the next
  5. 5. Workshop - Google Products • Inside natural results product pages will appear. Sometimes with large images. • Results are scraped, but mainly and uploaded by merchants in Google merchant centre. Merchants can upload their whole product catalogue (images, descriptions, etc) • The reviews you see on Google Products are editorial. Google has deals with editorial sites. • Google Products was launched in France on 21 oct. 65% of US consumers research online before purchase, this is why Google is building solutions for finding products online. Google Products is developed from Froogle.
  6. 6. Workshop - Google Products • Products both links to online webshops as the location of offline stores • The mobile version includes of Google Products includes location based services: location of the offline shop. • Google Shopper: mobile app in uk/us for android • New page for google shopping in the us
  7. 7. Workshop - Google Products • Will be launched in NL in. The next months • Both in natural search as commercial options (cpc). you can connect adwords account and merchant account. • More info on the merchant centre blog Closed by default
  8. 8. Workshop - Google maps api Google maps API examples: Arcade Fire (video clip that generates google maps images on the fly), BBC Dimensions (get an idea of proportions - how big is the moon compared to Europe), Vectorial Elevation (collaborative light design for the Olympics), Historypin (search for things in the past on a map), A-Team (game: drive the A-Team van through street view)
  9. 9. Workshop - Google Hotpot • New Google product: share, rate, store your favorite places. Comparable to Yelp. • now available • It has a social layer, so you can explore places and ratings from friends. • It acts like a social layer on google maps
  10. 10. Workshop - Google hyper local • Matching adwords and addresses • Default way of showing this in commercial ad positions is the plus sign. The extra results are never expanded, you have to click the plus sign to do that. • All the advertisers use Google places and can link their places account to their adwords account. • Advertisers in maps will have an other icon. Location extensions, also works on mobile • Sponsored map icons. Not within adwords. Pay by impression. For example the McDonalds icons on certain zoom levels. • Chrome plugin: chrome to phone lets you transfer Google map location fro the browser to the phone. • On mobile: hyper local badge. Distance from advertiser. With icon of pin.
  11. 11. Marissa Mayer - VP of geographic &local services Google (I) • Mayer was interviewed by Michael Arrington of TechCrunch. Off couse there were many questions about the plans for acquisition of Groupon. Mayer did not disclose anything which was a bit dissapointing • Mayer just began her new function as vp for geo and local indicating that Google is serious about this. • Contextual discovery, search without search is a big challenge and the next thing Google is working on. Push info to people (browser, toolbar). Recomendations based on browser behaviour or mobile location. • Latitude has a small target group, will see changes and is "not our strongest product"
  12. 12. Marissa Mayer - VP of geographic &local services Google (II) • Geo, local. One of googles big investments • Hotpot, new product, features personalized recommendations, collaborative filtering, social component. • Search, video, social, mobile: 4 main platforms on the web • More than a billion mobile ads a day • New google maps for mobile: vectors and offline. 3d buildings. Only on Android. Very cool! Video on the next
  13. 13. Tomoko Namba - CEO DeNA • Virtual social network, where games are played, virtual goods are traded (90% of revenue). Player play with avatars, not their own identity. • 1.2 billion dollar revenue, 20MM Japanese users, 4B market cap • All on mobile! Open platform, they develop their own games and let developers develop for the platform. • Still active on traditional phones. In 3 years the smartphone will take over in Japan. • Acquisition NGmoco for expertise and assets on the smartphone. US based company. Video on the next
  14. 14. Christopher Smith - DirectorBlackbery Development • We need developers! We have a massive base of users. • The app world is not the only way to distribute the apps. They can work with carriers, other appstores or host it yourself. • Not a focus on either consumer or business apps, we work with everyone. Apps can tap into the core APIs of the OS. • They have 3 SDKs, native, java, air. • Smith made a weak impression trying to defend Blackberrys policy. Fact is that what they call choice for developers, actually is fragmentation in development environments and app distribution.
  15. 15. Dennis Crowley - co founder Foursquare • 40 employees now, 4 last year. Foursquare growing rapidly. • 5MM users. 60% us, 2MM checkins a day. • Merchants started promoting 4square, show us your checkin and you get a discount. This got the company thinking. • 1MM first round, 20MM second round financing. • More and more bigger merchants. What does the next loyalty card looks like? • We can do really interesting things with the info you get from people, the avg user checks in 3 times a day. Were also looking at the way to get this info back to users: "where can I find the best chicken here" Local recommendations. Video on the next
  16. 16. Alexander Tamas - Partner DST • DST got their money from the IPO of It has a 6 B dollar valuation. DST still has a stake in • DST makes late stage investments, when the valuation is more than 1 B, when it can go public and is still grow very quickly • More than 500 MM investment in Facebook • China: 90% of revenues come from users, in the US most of the revenues come from ads. Russia is in between Video on the next
  17. 17. Phil Libin - CEO Evernote • We want to be the the memory of the world • More than 5M registered users, every day 18K new users • 57% user in US, 20% in Japan • 16.000 premium users at 5 us$ a month + licences. • Cool cohort analysis showing stats for each cohort (=users that registered in a certain month) • The longer people are evernote users, the higher the conversion rates. Good lessons here! Video on the next
  18. 18. Matt Mullenweg & Toni Schneider • en should work together and reinforce eachother • Both platforms have grown. 30MM publishers. 10% of all the sites are powered by wp. 300MM unique visitors pm. About 1MM rev per month. 47 fte • Unfortunately, very bad interviewer
  19. 19. Mitchell Baker - Mozilla • Building an open source app system • Mozilla dragged some other organizations into the future, ie9, chrome, safari • FF4 will be fast! • Apps, identity, speed are important issues for us • We will always be open and never tied to one system (fb for identity, google for search, etc) • "I dont like the word browser" "we dont browse anymore" the browser should change, but it should be something you own and you can change. • Apps should not be a Firefox app system, but an open system that can run everywhere (browsers, mobile, etc). Multiple app stores.
  20. 20. David Ko - svp Zynga mobile • Acquisition NewToy • Cross mobile, connecting people through games • All games will come to all phones (iphone first, then android) • David came from Yahoo • 200MM people playing zynga games daily and there are 35 MM daily users • Facebook on mobile, how will we do integration? Were looking at better ideas for better user experience. • Farmville in Japan, mobile first • Cityville, launched last week, now 3MM registered users. Launched worldwide. • Zynga has13 studios around the world that make games. • Asia has high amount of mobile goods trading • Were looking at different business models, but mainly free games combined with ads and virtual goods. Video on the next
  21. 21. Shai Agassi - Better Places • How you are gonna run a world without oil. Electric car with replacable battery. • Charge the car at home and at the office. Change the battery while you go. Seperate the battery from the car. • Build the infrastructure, get the car for free • Test: taxis in Tokyo. 1 changing station and letting taxis drive 24/7. Switch 59 seconds, twice a day. • They bought 100K Renault Fluences. • The market will tip when an electric car will cost the same as a three year old gasoline car. • Cars, batteries will come down in price. • China will have the ability to leapfrog the us and europe in electric cars Video on the next
  22. 22. Jack Hidary - • 1B cars in the world. • From 20 mpg in 1900 to 22 mpg in 2007. Marketfailure! • Automotive Xprize 100mpg car, 10 MM prize, just awarded. • Network of charging stations is crucial, connected charging stations. Iphone app. • We need a distributed mesh network of charging stations. Where everyone can open a charging station, SME can realize this.
  23. 23. Ariel Garten - CEO Interaxon • Though control computing • Brain wave control, examples (music, computer games, olympic games light, etc) • History of brainwave analysis • Tools are getting cheaper, what would cost 20K is now 200$ • Brainwave analysis opens up a platform for applications (toys, alarm clock, epileptic prevention, add focus training, wheelchair control) • Interaxon headband for ipad/iphone app (zen bound)
  24. 24. Salim Ismail - Executive DirectorSingularity University • How is the accelaration of technology impacting society, business. The human mind has difficulty grasping exponantial growth • Hosted at nasa, funded by google, nokia. • The brain: 100 B neurons, together creating trillions of connections • Scientists try to replicate/simulate a brian in the computer • Nanowires, optogenetics, light sensitive neurons
  25. 25. Henri Seydoux - Founder & CEOParrot • Autonomous drones, controled through wifi. Developed for years. 4 rotors making the device stable. • Controlled with iPhone • Drone has an SDK so that developers can make applications for the Parrot • Very cool Video on the next
  26. 26. Startup competition • - With the site everyone can be a publisher. Put your twitter content, your blog into a "paper". Flipboard style. News curation, social style around any topic, hashtag, etc. • Supermarmite - Share homemade food. Social marketplace for homemade meals. You can put your meals online, on a map, react, make friends, etc. Launched 2 months ago. Freemium model. • Waze - Social navigation system.gaming element. Realtime road in. 2.2 M drivers.
  27. 27. Dave McClure• More old users online, more income, more time• More bandwidth, more video• Growth of global languages, mandaein, english mygenko,com• Wealthy chinese, indian• Smart device proliferation• Acceleration of global payment, ecommerce• Dramatically reduced cost: product development, customer acquisition• Global distribution platforms • US/EU: Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Zynga • Asia: Tencent, Toabao, Alibaba Video on the next
  28. 28. :)