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Floating cities for human and ecological progress monitored real time by aquatic drones

Presentation of the why, how, what (vision, projects and activities) of our companies Blue21, Deltasync and Indymo. Presentation explains the urgency of a Blue Revolution by creating floating cities that are in symbiosis with their environment. Ecological impacts are monitored with underwater drones.

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Floating cities for human and ecological progress monitored real time by aquatic drones

  1. 1. a perspective for human development in the 21st century Companies presentation
  2. 2. Floating Cities | l’Ile a Helice (Jules Vernes, 1895)
  3. 3. Floating Cities | Triton City (Richard Buckminster Fuller, 1966)
  4. 4. Floating Cities | Sea City of the Future (Walt Disney, 1984)
  5. 5. DeltaSync, 2006 Floating Cities | IJmeer (DeltaSync, 2006)
  6. 6. Floating Cities | GREEN FLOAT (Shimizu, 2008)
  7. 7. Natural weather catastrophes Munich Re
  8. 8. Population density
  9. 9. Population density
  10. 10. Source: DeltaSync, 2013
  11. 11. Concept | Closing the cycle
  12. 12. 15
  13. 13. Implementation | From vision to mission
  14. 14. DeltaSync and Public Domain Architecten, 2009 Implementation | Defining a short term step
  15. 15. Implementation | Building Process Source: DeltaSync, 2010
  16. 16. Esther Seijmonsberg Implementation | The Result
  17. 17.  Vision & process • Propose initial idea to the municipality • Involved from very first start to completion • Engage and involve stakeholders  Design • Concept development • Architecture  Consultancy • Location scan • Business case The Floating Pavilion | Our role
  18. 18. Stichting Rijnhavenpark, Stad op het Water & DeltaSync, 2011/2012 Projects | Rijnhaven Park,Rotterdam
  19. 19. Stichting Rijnhavenpark, Stad op het Water & DeltaSync Projects | Rijnhaven Park,Rotterdam
  20. 20. Research| Testing and demonstration at RDM AquaDock Stadshavens Rotterdam, 2015 Stadshavens Rotterdam, 2015
  21. 21. Implementation | Harnaschpolder Delft Source: DeltaSync, 2008
  22. 22. Implementation | Building process Source: DeltaSync, 2013
  23. 23. Foto Olaf Janssen Implementation | Result
  24. 24. Harnashpolder, Delft | Our role (in the first years of project) • Expert knowledge and guide future citizens • Cost estimations • Feasibility studies - Technical (e.g.: draft, systems) - Economic, plots - Planning, legal, zoning - Water quality and ecology • Technical integration - Floating systems - Utilities - Sustainability • Stakeholder management - Waterboard, utilities, municipality - Citizens Future citizen Olaf Jansen (now founder of company Balance d’eau) with the plan of his future house
  25. 25. Impacts of Floating Urbanization
  26. 26. Research | Water quality/ecological impact floating structures
  27. 27. 30 Research | Water quality/ecological impact floating structures
  28. 28. INDYMO – Monitoring water quality Visuals – Life under floating platforms Insight into the aquatic environment. The type of fish and aquatic organisms present and bio-diversity, are indicators of the ecological state of water bodies.
  29. 29. INDYMO Underwater drones | Our role • Initiated and executed first research project with consortium • Applied for subsidies • Co-founded Indymo • Brought in research and entrepreneurship experience • Tackled big obstacle for floating developments
  30. 30. Research | Ecosystem oriented design Positive impact in aquatic life: opportunity for the implementation of eco-measures together with floating projects to ensure/maximize/enhance ecosystem
  31. 31. “In the Markermeer we want to connect humans back to nature. By letting them reside on water and contribute to the ecological system in a positive way (…). The floating homes will contribute to the water quality, habitat restoration and will offer a new nature experience that can be a showcase for urbanizing deltas all over the world.” The dream Floating habitat with positive impact on the planet
  32. 32. The floating structures of buildings and piers offer the opportunity to create floating and underwater surfaces that can be colonized by algae (1) and mussels (2). Algae extract inorganic nutrients, releasing oxygen to the environment, whereas mussels filter the water, feeding with organic nutrients. In addition to algae and mussels, floating helophyte filters (4) can be placed next to the platforms, removing dissolved organic matter and diffusing oxygen through their roots. The presence of floating and underwater structures could have an effect on the current speed and the transportation of sediments. As the current slows down, it loses the energy to hold particles in suspension and sedimentation occurs. In areas under the floating platforms, silt could potentially be collected (5). The dynamics and interactions among platforms, lake water and ecology should be tested and monitored. The knowledge gained will be used to improve productivity and ecological performances within the project. Floating habitat as a biological water treatment machine
  33. 33. Projects | Shifting Green Frontiers Source: DeltaSync
  34. 34. Projects | Feasibility study Dutch Government (MIT)
  35. 35. Projects | Feasibility study Dutch Government (MIT)
  36. 36. Projects | Space@sea Objectives: 1. Develop a sustainable, low cost modular floater design for multiple applications and functions; 2. Demonstrate three business cases for different locations and applications to be developed showing the cost reduction potential; 3. Further reduce the installation and maintenance costs of the multi-use platform; 4. Specify and conceptually design applications for the modular floater such as Energyhub@Sea, Living@Sea, Farming@Sea, Transport&Logistics@Sea; 5. Contribute to societal acceptance of working and living on floating islands.
  37. 37. Projects | Floating Development Database
  38. 38. Projects| Seasteading Floating City Project
  39. 39. Projects | Seasteading Floating City Project
  40. 40. Source:DeltaSync/ Seasteading Institute 2013) Projects | Seasteading Floating City Project
  41. 41.  Vision & process • Strategic advice • Fact finding missions • Diplomacy  Design • Concept development • Architectural design  Consultancy • Technical Feasibility • Economic feasibility • Environmental impact assesment Seasteading Floating City Project | Our role
  42. 42. Creating floating cities with a positive impact on the planet Real Projects Create Awareness Scientific Evidence •Strategic collaborations (Seasteading, Marin) •Innovations (design and technology) •Influence policy and decision makers • Floating Pavilion Rotterdam • Harnaschpolder Ecohouses • Floating Islands Project • Website & Social Media • Newsletters • Lectures • Journalists • Global Land Scarcity Article • Potential Floating Production Article • PhD Thesis innovations in urban water • Environmental Impacts, drones What we do
  43. 43.  Projects (Client-Consultant relation) • Rotterdam in Floating Pavilion Project • Delft in Harnaschpolder • Seasteading for Floating city Project  Awareness (mostly own initiative) • Spread the word, create global awareness • Also in collaboration with partners (e.g. Seasteading Instite, Topsectors Dutch Government)  Research (joint subsidy or commissioned) • EU Subsidies, e.g. with Marin, Deltares, DuraVermeer • National Subsidies, alone or with partners e.g. Rotterdam University • Dutch Government: Deltaprogram, Topsector Water How we work
  44. 44.  DeltaSync • Founded in 2007 • Delivering knowledge and creativity for floating urban development • Now mainly engineering and architecture contractor in Blue21 projects  Blue21 • Founded in 2015 • Inspire and enable society to create floating cities with a positive impact on the planet • International sales and business development, global awareness, platform for network and collaboration DeltaSync and Blue21
  45. 45. 48
  46. 46.  Research-based design • Evidence based big vision • Not just nice pictures  Work with policy makers and elected officials • Link with the ambitions of government, make them enthusiastic • Understand their position • Not a blueprint but dynamic process  Be practical and flexible • Collaborate with partners • Work with fire authorities, waterboards, port authorities, utility companies • Study technical and economic feasibility From dream to reality: our approach
  47. 47. For more information: Dr. ir. Rutger de Graaf-van Dinther T: +31 152561872 C: +31 616308790 E: