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Font Research


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Font Research

  1. 1. Font ResearchAnother piece of research I’ve conducted was to look at different existing font title fromother films in order to get ideas for the font I was going to create for my title. I like this font because I like how the blood splashes across the word ‘House’. This conveys to the audience a sense of fear because they might think that even their house/home is not a safe place to be in.What I like about this font, it is how it has a smoky/ghostly effect to it. This adds tension tothe font and gives the effect of something supernatural and not real.The tilted and diagonal position of the font gradually gets bigger. This gives a suspicious feelabout the lurking creature or evil spirit.
  2. 2. In order to get other fonts, I have not just researched film fonts but also looked at horrorgames fonts. This helped me in seeing the different types of fonts that other media productsuse to attract viewers and gamers.Despite the blood dripping and smudged onto the letters, I don’t really like this font andthink would go well for my film title because our film is not as gory or terrifying as I assumethis title would be best suited for.I like the style of this font and how it uses perhaps water drops or painting drops to createits effect. The skinny and skeleton like writing style, gives a creepy, chilled, cold atmosphereto the audience. The grey colour also adds this tension to the writing by the dark shades andthe faded shades of grey. This title font is very childlike, as it is written in chalk, similarto crayons this is what a child would like to colour pictures with. I really like this font butalso the outline of the smudged chalk as it gives a distorted feel about the writing. This isbecause whoever wrote suggests that they were angry or suffered in some way. Really likehow also the different use of letter cases; capital letters and lower case. This emphasizes the‘AN’ suggesting it is ‘an’ individual or just one person. This would be a perfect match to ourfilm title.