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Rusty Layton's Home Inspection Website

  1. 1. 11/4/2008 Welcome > Welcome! Rusty Layton has First Time Rusty Layton is an ASHI Certified Home Inspector performed over Visitor 22,000 Home serving the Washington DC metro area for over 27 Check years. Inspections! Calendar If you are looking for a thorough and experienced home inspector in the Washington Resource Page DC area you've found one. Rusty Layton inspects single family homes, townhouses, condominium units, and new construction. Contact and Scheduling Home Town Home Inspector Site Links: First Time Visitor ASHI Certified Home Inspector Rusty Layton's Calendar Over 27 Years Inspecting Homes Home Inspection Over 22,000 Home Inspections Resources Reasonable Fees- I don't base Contact and fees on sales price! Scheduling On-Line Calendar to Check Contact Rusty by Availability Phone 703-354-4554 or 703-568-6600 Born in Takoma Park, raised in the DC suburbs, a University of Contact Rusty by E- Maryland grad and lives in Alexandria, VA -- Rusty is a true mail Washington DC native experienced in inspecting all types of houses no matter what age or style! or
  2. 2. 11/4/2008 Welcome First Time Visitor First Time Visitor > Russell Layton Associates, Inc. Home Inspection Services Check Calendar Rusty Layton's Bio Rusty Layton is a native of the Washington Resource DC area. He grew up in the Maryland Page suburbs, graduated from the University of Maryland in 1977, and has resided in Contact Northern Virginia since 1980. He worked with and his father through high school and college for Scheduling General Heating installing HVAC systems and boilers. After college, Mr. Layton worked for Majestic Builders at the Parkfairfax Condo Rusty Layton renovation project in Alexandria, VA, ASHI Certified Home scheduling and supervising the renovation of Inspector apartments to condos. He also supervised (Assateague Island the construction of single family homes with 2005) Washington Homes and Globe Construction in Alexandria and Burke Centre, Virginia. He was then employed by Real Estate Appraisal Services, as Vice President of the Inspection Department. Mr. Layton then worked for Homechek Inspection Services, of Falls Church, Virginia for fifteen years and in 1996, opened his own inspection business, Russell Layton Associates, Incorporated. He is a certified member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) . Home Inspection Scheduling We have three inspection time slots to choose from each weekday and Saturday (morning, mid-day and afternoon) at 9 AM to 9:15 AM, Noon to12:30 PM and 3:30 to 4 PM. I can work with you on preferred or needed times. You or your agent can call to schedule the inspection and to get your price quote. If you want to, you can check my Calendar online and decide what works best for you before you call. You'll need to make sure that we have access to the property and always check to make sure the utilities are on. Please don't expect me to turn on water or gas or electricity - there is too much liability involved for me to do these things! It is encouraged that the owner of the house to
  3. 3. be inspected is not present during the home inspection. You should attend the home inspection so you can learn all sorts of good (and not-so-good) things about house. Even though there are good and bad things with all houses, you will appreciate learning about all of them! We offer Radon testing in addition to the Home Inspection which is a separate fee and report which normally takes 2-3 days to complete after deployment. Home Inspection Report Rusty Layton will inspect the property and follow the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics described by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). You will be issued a report at the end of the inspection. The report will follow the requirements of ASHI. The report will include a list of working order defects, major defects, maintenance needs, repair needs and suggested improvements that we find during the inspection. It is not a computerized reporting system, which I believe has too many extraneous and unrelated items, not to mention taking time away from the purpose of inspecting, learning and reporting the salient points. I designed the report myself; it is unique and quite understandable. My clients are satisfied with it and I'll have two copies to give you. The report will be placed in a three ring binder along with additional information, a walk-through checklist and a how-to book of home repair and maintenance. Ballpark cost estimates and pictures can be included easily. Inspection Wrap-up Upon completion of the inspection, we will review the results. Usually, you will be formulating your response to the seller with your agent at that time. Generally, you will give a copy of your report to your agent who in turn will take it to their office and fax it, along with your addendum, to the listing agent. These guidelines, however, will vary. Payment is due at the inspection by check or credit card (Visa, MC, AMEX and Discover). Contact Information The RLA business phone numbers and E-mail addresses for questions or scheduling are: Office: 703-354-4554 Cell 703-568-6600
  4. 4. or We look forward to providing you with the very best home inspection that you could possibly have. Check out the calendar for an inspection time available and call to schedule.
  5. 5. 11/4/2008 Welcome Rusty Layton's Calendar First Time Check Rusty Layton's Yahoo Calendar for Visitor Availability Check You can click on the calendar link for my Calendar > Yahoo Calendar to pop-up in a separate window. This shows my schedule so that you Resource can pick a day and time - 9 to 9:15 am, Page Noon to 12:30 PM and 3:30 to 4 PM. It may or may not be up-to date and you can't Contact schedule online so you still have to call 703- and 354-4554 or cell at 703-568-6600 to Scheduling schedule or check availability. The calendar shows my inspections scheduled as BUSY, not the actual inspection address. Click on the Yahoo Calendar Link (opens in new window) Rusty Layton's Calendar Click Here (opens in new window)
  6. 6. 11/4/2008 Welcome Home Inspection Resource Page First Time Home Inspection Photos Visitor Shutterfly Site of Inspection Photos and Check Calendar Videos The Shutterfly Website allows me to post Resource pictures that I take during home inspections for Page> clarification purposes. This link takes you to that site. Contact American Society of Home Inspectors and (ASHI) Scheduling ASHI Web Site ASHI Web Site Go here to view Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, Find a Home Inspector, Glossary of terms and more. Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC Website Fairfax County Deck Details Fairfax County Deck Details (Fairfax County Site) Defective Water Heater Dip Tube RLA Defective Dip Tube Page Some of the dip tubes manufactured by Perfection Corporation and supplied to most major water heater manufacturers between August, 1993 and October, 1996 were made of plastic and are now disintegrating. Polybutylene Water Pipes Information Page by Plumbing Express PDF Resource Files RLA Factsheet Publication (describe various house issues and components) Well written, Good Reading), PDF> Consumer Product Safety Commission
  7. 7. (CPSC) Repair Aluminum Wiring Publication, PDF > Freddie Mac Consumer Home Inspection Kit, PDF Fairfax County Deck Publication PDF
  8. 8. 11/4/2008 Welcome Contact Rusty Layton to Schedule a Home First Time Inspection Visitor Phone Numbers Check 703-354-4554 Calendar cell: 703-568-6600 Resource Page E-Mail Contact and Schedule > Check Rusty's Calendar and Availability Mail To Link This is a mail-to link but your computer may use Outlook or Word or another mail client that is not configured to send out an E-mail. You may have to cut and paste this into your E-mail client like Verizon or Yahoo or Gmail. Home Seller, Home Owner and Real Estate Agent Inspections Follow-up Inspections After you have done your initial home inspection with us, schedule a follow-up inspection. Answers questions you may have after you have lived in the house for a while. Check-up Inspections Similar to Follow-up but focuses on the major components and systems of the house such as roof, heating, AC, foundation and their performance. Those that did not use us initially can have me inspect their homes for a status report. Use this service to determine if replacements are needed. Partial Inspections Use this service for one or more specific needs or questions you may have, if a contractor did work at your house and you want confirmation that the job was done properly or if a contractor
  9. 9. suggested an improvement or other course of action that you are not sure about. Seller Inspections Putting your house on the market? Have me inspect the property for a quot;heads-upquot; on what you should fix, or not. Helps with what may show up on a Home Inspection Report or Real Estate Sales Contract Addendum following a Home Inspection. Listing Inspections Get listing data correct, such as age of items, type of systems in the house, check for obvious ( or not so obvious) problems that may show up on a Home Inspection report. Radon Tests Radon Tests available upon request. Mold Tests Contact Paul Ramsey of RTS 1-800-722-5589