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Krush Digital Marketing | Oklahoma City (OKC) Advertising Agency


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Information Take-away Brochure for Krush Digital Advertising Agency.
Krush Digital is a Full Service Ad Agency in Oklahoma City (OKC). We are a One-Stop Shop for your marketing and advertising needs. From Search Engine Marketing to Television Advertising, we help you find customers. Today's consumers use internet advertising and directories instead of the yellow pages. We can help make your business stand out and be found.

We provide Strategic Marketing Plans, Website Design and re-design work, SEO, SEM, full Media Buying for complete marketing plans, Graphic Design and Public Relations. We also offer Social Media Management or related training services.

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Krush Digital Marketing | Oklahoma City (OKC) Advertising Agency

  2. 2. WHAT WE DO Digital Marketing Search engine marketing (PPC) | Real Time Bidding | Lead Generation | Geo Targeting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Website Development | Mobile Apps Social Media Viral Campaigns | Social Media Management Social Media Training | Blogs & Email | Content Marketing | Contests and Promotions Creative Services Corporate Identites | Website Design & IT Service Television & Radio Commercials | Jingles | Long Form Videos | Trade Show Materials K Media Planning Branding | Direct Response Advertising | Event Advertising | Media Negotiations | Television, Radio, Billboard Advertising | Digital Search & Re-targeting Campaigns | Reach and Frequency Public Relations Copy Writing | News Releases | Email Marketing Event Marketing | Content Writing | Nationwide Publishing Services | Cause Marketing Research Analytics | Qualitative Research | Focus Groups Surveys | Quantitative Research | Digital Keyword Research CUSTOM ADVERTISING & MARKETING PLANS *81% of consumers research the internet before making a meaningful purchase. Krush Digital helps businesses utilize targeted digital opportunities with traditional advertising vehicles to stand out. *source: 2014 GE Capital Bank Retail Buying Survey
  3. 3. 2014 SOCIAL MEDIA 72% of Internet users participate in Social Media. 89% of A18-29, 72% of A30-49 and 60% of A50-60 are active. 2015 STRATEGY will see major paradigm shifts in how brands use digital and traditional media for sales growth. Do you have a plan? INTERNET In 2014, digital media surpassed television with more time spent using per day, by the average American. TV had reigned supreme for decades. 70% RI$GXOWVȴQG79 the most credible and LQȵXHQWLDOPHGLXP (Social Media is 60%) 62% of businesses with a digital strategy utilize SEO and PPC plans. YOUR BRAND STARTS HERE: Krush Digital helps clients tell their story. We build brands that are memorable and develop a real connection with target customers. MEASURABLE RESULTS: With decades of real experience, Krush Digital generates the right reach and frequency with your advertising campaign to deliver real results. PROVEN RESULTS IN: BUILDING BRANDS TARGETED CAMPAIGNS CALL TO ACTION ACCURATE REPORTING
  4. 4. OUTsTAND HAVE YOU BEEN THERE? We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service and the ability to retain great clients and long-term relationships. At Krush Digital, we move quickly to help our clients. We know that “time is of the essence” in advertiing and marketing. It’s not easy to stay ahead of your competition. We become a true extension of your marketing team. Our clients notice how we are there during the great times and busy making course corrections during the challenges. We constantly push ourselves to be proactive with our clients’ needs. DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS. Our customers know they can count on us to deliver a well thought out plan and measurable results. We sit down with our clients at the end of thecampaign to discuss our successes. We review all TXDQWLȴDEOHGDWDWRGHWHUPLQHRXUQH[W opportunity and strategy. S We are built on a foundation that focuses on the right branding and strategic messaging, and we follow through to the digital connection that becomes a conversion. We are a strategic messaging company focused on revenue growth.
  5. 5. SERVICE Branding and Logos Marketing Strategy Full Research Data Blog / Link Building Post Buy Analysis Radio, TV, Billboards Full IT Services Media Buying Website Design Print Services Digital Search Strategy Pay Per Click Ads Reputation Management Press Releases Viral Campaigns Viral Videos Google Maps Email Marketing SEO / Organic Rank You Tube Advertising Video Production Digital Targeting Retargeting, Behavioral, Contextual Targeting OUTsTANDING
  6. 6. WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? Branding If you are launching a new product, business or need a new look, let us help you stand out from the herd. Modern Advertising If your advertising plan needs a balance between mass media and targeted Internet marketing that matches consumer behavior, let’s chat. Getting Noticed :HKHSRXJHWQRWLFHG:HȴQGZDVWRKHOS you connect with your customer. We get you published and drive attention to your business. Creative Ideas If you need creative help, we have ideas that deliver results for your business. Accountability If you need a marketing partner that can help you understand which advertising is delivering bottom line results, we can do that. Long Term Partnership Krush Digital is a modern advertising agency. As technology and communication with customers change - we are there to keep you out in front. Our Experience Krush Digital brings together media sales professionals and specialized technical experts. We know advertising and we know how media works. Our team brings together many decades of specialized marketing and advertising expertise.
  7. 7. ABOUT S A team of proven media and marketing professionals. We are experts at branding, creating call to action advertising and delivering measurable results. Our techie nerds are some of the coolest experts in marketing and advertising. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, t risus. Donec venenatis, turpis vel hendrerit interdum. You need help? Call Us Today We deliver results.n nibh augue,405.603.5355 suscipit a, scelerisque sed, lacinia in, mi. Cras vel lorem. Etiam pellentesque aliquet tellus. Phasellus Krush Digital is Oklahoma’s modern advertising agency. Consumer behaviors and the buying cycle have changed. Move out of the consumer funnel and get in the middle of your target customers.
  8. 8. K contact krush 5708 NW 135th Street, Suite B Oklahoma City, OK 73142 Phone: 405.603.5355 E-mail: g o k r u s h . c o m