Yehoshua coren smx israel ppc strategies v1.1


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  • I like to use the keystone metaphor when it comes to analytics. It holds it all together.If you have a website, the ability to measure it, analyze the data, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT is mission critical.If you’re spending $$$ to bring people to your site, or on design and development, analytics must be a part of the mix.
  • Having worked with businesses in a lot of different industry verticals, I can confidently say that analytics is important to everyone and needs to be tailored to each business.
  • Disclaimer, I do not receive financial compensation for this e-book, but Daniel may be taking me out for a cup of coffee in the near future. 
  • In other words, dimensions are the things that describe the visit, visitor, page, or event. Dimensions are what make up the rows in GA reports; they are the things we "drill down" into when analyzing data. Most common dimension pair we use is Source / MediumLater we’ll talk about some less commonly used dimensions that can lead to powerful optimizations.
  • Most potent aspect of the Google Analytics + Adwords integration is the fact that a large list of Adwords specific dimensions and metrics are automatically populated simply be configuring auto-tagging correctly.
  • Explain ABC’s - my own take on AvinashKaushik’s “Acquisition, Behavior, Outcomes”Including all three in your reports allows for efficient data analysis.We’re going to spend some time talking about macro conversions and micro conversions.Macro conversions for ecommerce would be view a receipt page.Micro conversions – newsletter signup, online chat, add to cart, social share, phone call, whitepaper download.Notice two of the metrics in this custom report, page depth and time on site.
  • This framework is not my own, rather it is a reframing of AvinashKaushik’s Acquisition Behavior and Outcomes, which is more accurate wording, but I substitute the word conversion as it is the desired outcome, and a bit easier to remember the ABCs.
  • Take a look at the landing page. Oftentimes, advertisers make really poor choices about what page a person lands on. Also, keep any eye on the outcomes. Just because someone doesn’t bounce and it takes them many pages to look through your site, doesn’t mean they are interested or engaged. They might just be lost.
  • Filter out low cost to improve relevancy of data returned.Highlighted row Ecommerce metrics poor, Cost more than Online RevenueWhat about other metrics?
  • Ecommerce metrics poor, what about other metrics?Upper funnel indicators strong. Looking at phone calls, and chats, important conversion points especially for B2B, reveals a significant estimated ROI.Using the new version of Google Analytics it will be even easier to send offline data to GA.
  • Keywords in Adwords always have an associated matchtype. You bid on a keyword matchtype combo.
  • Although cost data isn’t available, valuable data From Google analytics is still available about the matched search queryDrill down by match type, then keyword, then to match search query
  • First drill down by match type > then into the keyword and do a weighted sort.
  • Action item – add negative keywords
  • I switched the position of the primary and secondary dimensions so that it would be easier to see the Per Visit Value.
  • Sorted by ROILooking for LOW CTR and HIGH impressions
  • Strong ROI, great place to up the bid to drive more traffic.
  • Yehoshua coren smx israel ppc strategies v1.1

    1. 1. About Analytics NinjaFounded 2010Web Analytics = <3Twitter  @analyticsninjaOnline Marketing Philosophy –Web Analytics is the keystoneof any successful online marketing
    2. 2. About Analytics NinjaLoves working with fun businesses
    3. 3. Goal of this presentation• Discuss the integration between Google Adwords & Google Analytics• Mention Adwords specific metrics in GA and their corresponding Adwords settings.• Analysis techniques to improve PPC performance (bulk of presentation)
    4. 4. Dimensions & MetricsDimensions – Describe Data Metrics – Measure Data
    5. 5. Dimensions & MetricsDimensions – Describe Data Metrics – Measure Data Full list of every Adwords specific dimension and metric
    6. 6. Custom Reports – The ABC’s
    7. 7. Custom Reports – The ABC’s
    8. 8. Optimizing Campaigns
    9. 9. Help Determine Relevancy using Bounce Rate
    10. 10. Campaign Optimization
    11. 11. Campaign Optimization
    12. 12. Keyword Optimization
    13. 13. Matched Search Queries
    14. 14. Matched Search Queries
    15. 15. Keyword Optimization
    16. 16. Keyword Optimization
    17. 17. Keyword Optimization
    18. 18. Ad Scheduling
    19. 19. Ad Scheduling
    20. 20. Keyword Positions & Bidding
    21. 21. Keyword Positions & Bidding
    22. 22. Keyword Positions & Bidding
    23. 23. Not Segmentedby Match Type
    24. 24. ValueTrack Parameters
    25. 25. Destination URLs not Filtered
    26. 26. Remarketing with GA
    27. 27. Remarketing with GAVisitor Segmentation!
    28. 28. Remarketing with GA Product Cross-sells
    29. 29. Remarketing with GAWatched Promo Video
    30. 30. Remarketing with GAFreemium Retargeting
    31. 31. Summary• Strong integration between Adwords & GA makes for a powerful optimization tool.• Use Custom Reports so that you can see Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversion Metrics in a single view.• Use weighted sort to find opportunities for improvement with campaigns and keywords• Use Top vs. RHS dimensions to assess bidding strategy.• Rock Remarketing with dc.js to create remarketing lists.
    32. 32. Contact InfoYehoshua Corenninja@analytics-ninja.comTwitter: @ analyticsninja