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Tal prihar-shittylinks


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Tal prihar-shittylinks

  1. 1. Case Studies: Does BuyingExact-Match Anchor links Coming from low quality foreign language pages might actually still work (post penguin?!?)
  2. 2. The test Subject• About 50 Keywords• In mostly different sites• For promotion in Google USA / Israel• Financial, Law, Services, Health niches• Competition Medium – to Very High• 40% Old sites and 60% Established• 70% only these links and 30% mixed links
  3. 3. The links types• From one language to another.• Russian to English• Russian to Hebrew• English to English• 30% - 70% Exact Acnhor text usage per page
  4. 4. From sites like this one:
  5. 5. Or like this one:
  6. 6. The Prices
  7. 7. The Results• Almost 100% Hit first Page• 80% First Five• 0% Hit By Upcoming Panda Updates• About 2 – 3 Keywords Hit By Penguin 2 + 3 Refresh• Keywords with overall %1+ CTR in WMT Retained ranking after links removal
  8. 8. Stats Around Penguin refreshes:
  9. 9. On the other Side…
  10. 10. The Conclusions• Low Quality Spam links are still counted• Penguin is still not very good at detecting them• Using this for long term project might be a BAD idea• You can easily rank keywords for short term projects