Smx jerusalem 2012 internationalization seo - shared online


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Smx jerusalem 2012 internationalization seo - shared online

  1. 1. Teach your site Spanish in 3 months and get global users from "blue ocean" markets Ariel Hochstadt-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ariel--Hochstadt --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. 2. Content 1. Why should I bravely go where no one has gone before? 2. How do I prioritize markets and evaluate competition 3. What is the best way to do keywords research in a language I don’t speak 4. How do I get traffic from countries I didn’t know exist, without getting a single link from local sites?-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ariel--Hochstadt --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. 3. US is less than 20% of internet users, and its’ share is shrinking-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ariel--Hochstadt --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. 4. Enjoy the life of a global player, no more fluctuations in holidays Region % of revenues 2011 % of revenues 2012 North America and Oceania 35% 25% Latin America 7% 15% ASIA 5% 15% Europe 13% 25% Middle East and Africa 45% (Israel mainly) 20% Zionist users (well… they click on ads - > increase Israel tax revenues) Iran Syria Lebanon * Last month 1,971 users 5,594 users 11,712 users-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ariel--Hochstadt --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. 5. Global Market Finder + Common sense = Prioritization-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ariel--Hochstadt --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. 6. My gold list for online languages prioritization Latin Languages Comments German French Portuguese Non Latin Comments Italian Hebrew Did I say Zionism? Users search in Japanese CPM rocks Netherlands English as well Arabic Lack of quality sites On the rise, not a Korean 2nd only to JP Turkish lot of content Vietnamese Polish Greek Any Nordics Thai Just because my Romania parents are from Taiwanese there… Bulgarian Indonesian Exploding user base Lithuanian-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ariel--Hochstadt --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. 7. Keywords research in a language you don’t speak Option A: Translate from English, using human translators, and most chances you’ll get it right. Grammar: Make Sense * Despite the above examples, human translation/localization is normally the only option for large texts. But for critical titles and texts, I would integrate the following options…-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ariel--Hochstadt --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. 8. Keywords research in a language you don’t speak Option B: Translate with human/robot, but check with keywords tool and search page Program Option C: Validate with google images-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ariel--Hochstadt --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. 9. How do I get traffic from countries far far a way Easy, with more than 10 languages, If you have only 1-3 more sites and Setup easiest make sure to have “copy from you are able to dedicate resources to English if left empty” as default Tailored to one location. Can become Fine, with some help disadvantage with Spanish/French from We’ Tools. Better for Webmaster tools Location that have many locations (.ar .pe) More flexible with Less folders on the way to final URL beginning of URL Less folders on the way to final article articlestructure Does not flow. Need links to everyLink juice Flows Flows OK domain separately Bottom line: I go for subdomains because of the UI. In extreme cases I go with local domains. I make sure I have quality content, and the initial links from English subdomain + internal links in site, are enough for ranking well to get organic links right a way-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ariel--Hochstadt --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. 10. Thanks-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ariel--Hochstadt --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------