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Miriam Schwab My favorite seo tools


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Miriam Schwab My favorite seo tools

  1. 1. SEO Tools I ♥: Raven Tools SMX Israel 2012 January 15, 2012, Jerusalem By: Miriam Schwab @miriamschwab Follow me! @miriamschwab
  2. 2. Who am I?• Friendly CEO of illuminea, one of Israel’s leading WordPress development agencies.• Providing SEO and social media marketing services• Speaker at dozens of conferences, including Affilicon, Megaconn, Sphinncon, and now SMX!• Serves on Steering Board of Digital Eve Israel, one of Israel’s largest communities of professional women. Follow me! @miriamschwab
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  4. 4. All in One (more or less)• Set up wizard• Keyword manager• Website research• Site analyzer• Content manager Follow me! @miriamschwab
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  7. 7. Keyword research – SEMRush, SEOmoz, Google AdWords, OpenCalais Alchemy API Follow me! @miriamschwab
  8. 8. Also shows related keywords and ranking URLs Save the view Add keywords to manager and serp tracker with 1 click Follow me! @miriamschwab
  9. 9. Click on a ranking URL Also shows paid keywords, competitors in organic search, comp in paid search. Can add competitors to Competitor Manager with 1 click Follow me! @miriamschwab
  10. 10. Click on ranking domain Follow me! @miriamschwab
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  14. 14. Metrics• Google Analytics• Ranking• Email – integrates with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor• Twitter• Facebook• YouTube Follow me! @miriamschwab
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  20. 20. illuminea ▪ ▪ available at! Follow me! @miriamschwab