Eli feldblum surviving panda presentation


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Eli feldblum surviving panda presentation

  1. 1. Surviving Panda & Penguin:The Value of a Missing Link
  2. 2. Panda and Penguin Strike!• The sites below lost significant traffic and ranking.• Each penalty—even those that occurred during Panda—were attributed to links. Graphs with Permission (1800FLOWERS.com, FSA or Colbert)
  3. 3. What Happened?Last Year, I focused on Panda and on-pagecontent. I said that every page needed a raisond’etre, a reason to exist on your site.This Year, let’s focus on links. The same rulesapplies. If you can’t justify a links—it was putthere naturally, it’s from a partner, it’s a realreview—it shouldn’t be there.More and More, we’ve been seeing sitespenalized or hit by Panda and Penguin forlinks. It started with Panda hits on sites that didnothing wrong on-page, then with sites that gotemails from Google, then Webmaster Toolwarnings and then Penguin.
  4. 4. Why?• Shortcut Link Building • Fast • Easy • Never really allowed • But they worked!• What am I talking about? • Seriously, you know. Don’t pretend. • Paid Links • Paid Blog Posts • User Pages on Forums • Automated Blog Comments • Lists of Links • Anything you didn’t work for
  5. 5. Even Good Links…If you have bad links, even your good links will suffer.FSAStore.com is partnered with many Third Party health careadministrators, all of whom have relevant, powerful sites—and all of whomoffered FSAStore a banner on their sites.
  6. 6. The Power of a Missing Link Chart that shows traffic/rank increases with each link removal milestone
  7. 7. Discovery & Analysis
  8. 8. Discovery & Analysis Single Link Multiple Links Keyword Anchor (the reversal) Anchor Frequency Suspicious Content Content Syndication Content Mismatch Unspun Content “Clue” Words Target Page Frequency Link Placement IP/C-Block Frequency
  9. 9. Discovery & Analysis
  10. 10. Removal• Remove as many as you can first, then disavow.• Be liberal. You know which links are bad. If they hit more than a couple of the above markers, they need to go. Show 18F process.
  11. 11. Can You Still Build Links?• Of course!• It’s just harder (and isn’t that the theme of SEO in 2012?)• And longer• Quality over Quantity, for real this time.• Creativity is rewarded now. The playing field is actually a bit more level now.
  12. 12. Go Social!• Alongside links, build social equity.• I’m sure lots of other people will be talking about this today.• Social is a completely new signal.• It really works (GG graph below)
  13. 13. Want More? Contact MeEli Feldblum201-815-9467050-333-0915eli@rankabove.com@FeldBum